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About Clean and Simple Cleaning

Our Professional Maid Service Cleaning Crew

Are you looking for a trustworthy professional house cleaning crew that gets the job done right the first time? Well, look no further! Clean & Simple Cleaning offers affordable residential professional cleaners who pay attention to detail.

Remember our motto: “Your time is precious – our time is affordable.”

Clean & Simple Cleaning has successfully been serving Snohomish County since 1991 and we deliver the best house cleaning service available in today’s market. Our rates are reasonable and our staff boasts years of experience and trust.

If there is one thing we lack today in our busy, busy schedules, is time! Allow us to eliminate the tedious chore of house cleaning; and free up your schedule for more enjoyable things.

Why Choose Us For Your House Cleaning Needs?

Locally Owned

Locally owned house cleaning company, Lynnwood, wa

Locally Owned, Professional Cleaners

Once upon a time, people didn’t need to go far from their neighborhoods to get what they needed. They knew the grocer, the druggist, the dry cleaner, the bookseller. More important, those people knew them. They were independent, locally-owned businesses run by folks who lived in the community and supported it. In this era of big box stores and corporate franchises there aren’t so many of us left, but Clean & Simple is proud to be one of them.

When you support local businesses, you are helping sustain your community. I grew up in Edmonds. I chose to live in the area, and start my business here. I raise my family here and send my kids to local schools. You might run into me on the football field, the baseball field or at the Y. When a locally-owned business is successful, the community at large benefits; we create jobs and pay taxes, but at Clean & Simple we also contribute to school fundraisers and charitable organizations like Cleaning for a Reason.

Choosing a maid service company to clean your home is a personal decision. Turn to a locally-owned independent business with deep roots in the community and a stake in its future. You can trust us, because you know us.

Expert Trained Staff


Expert Trained Staff

We are a choosy employer. Dozens of people a month come through our doors seeking employment. Every applicant receives rigorous screening that begins with an application and a personality survey. An independent personnel agency evaluates that survey, ranking the applicant in areas such as honesty, ethics, loyalty and risk of theft or drug use. Only the top ranking applicants are granted an interview. Prior to hiring anyone, we verify past work references and do national, criminal background checks.

On orientation day, new employees review the company handbook, the safety manual and the equipment. They check out supplies, receive a uniform, and watch the first of many videos on how to clean professionally. For the first two weeks, new cleaners spend 30 minutes each day watching training videos. For at least 2-3 weeks they clean houses with a trainer who teaches them more specific skills, for example, what products to use on different surfaces, such as granite, marble, brass or wood. Cleaners aren’t released from training until they have completed a checklist of what they need to know, which can take up to 8 weeks.

Our Attention To Detail


Our Attention To Detail

At Clean & Simple we are finicky about how we clean. We scrub floors the old-fashioned way, on hands and knees, but we are up-to-date in our use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our quality control is ongoing and multi-faceted. We have booklets, manuals and checklists for every aspect of our business. New cleaners work one-on-one with trainers. A full-time Quality Manager trains the trainers, and a Quality Supervisor visits sites to monitor training teams. This triple check-point system is one reason why Clean & Simple is noted for quality.

Our Quality Manager investigates and solves problems. If you aren’t happy with some aspect of our cleaning, we promise to fix it within 24 hours. We pledge to work with you to get the job done right.

Our customers are the ultimate supervisors, however. We encourage everyone who uses our service to complete “Customer Surveys” regularly. They give us important information on how our teams are performing day-to-day.

House Cleaning Affiliations, Certifications, and Awards

Angie's List Super Service Award Winner - Clean & Simple Cleaning

Clean & Simple Cleaning is The Clean Trust® Certified

Clean & Simple Cleaning is a Cleaning for a Reason Official Partner

New_Member_LogoClean & Simple Cleaning Services is a proud and active member of ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services, International) – the premier organization supporting the residential cleaning industry!


Clean & Simple Cleaning Services partners with Cleaning for a Reason® to offer free professional house cleanings to help women undergoing treatment for cancer!

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