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The kids are heading back to school next week, so the preparation for the change of schedules is in full force. Bedtimes are adopted again, school supplies are getting stocked up on and  we are back to making school lunches.  Making school lunches for my kids is always a challenge for me as I want to provide healthy, well balanced meals but also ones that will definitely get eaten. I also struggle at times making sure I have things ready and easy to pack as the morning routine (at my house at least) can get a little tight on time. I have come across a few things that I love and help make lunch making an easier task to add back into my schedule. Here are my top 3 tips to school lunch making!

My kids get tired of the same lunch and don’t always eat sandwiches very well, so I have found muffins to be a great alternative. My kids favorite are pizza and corn dog muffins, but I also do banana nut and PBJ ones too. I can prepare them ahead of time, put them in their lunches frozen and by the time lunch comes around they are ready to go.

Easy Containers
Get items that are easy to pack and containers that are easy to pack in. I love my Lock n lock containers. They have dividers that can be situated differently to fit everything I want to pack for the day and eliminate all of garbage waste that I would otherwise have.  The best thing about the boxes is that it makes me see everything together which helps me to add variety and color. A totally brown lunch isn’t a healthy balanced lunch after all.

Bite Size
My youngest doesn’t eat very fast and both of my kids are social and need the break in their day not only to eat but to talk to friends and of course getting to recess as fast as possible is also a priority for them. Making food bite size means that it gets eaten at lunch and not thrown away. I make the muffins that I mentioned earlier mini size and pack multiples and when I do make a sandwich I use one piece of bread and roll it up and then cut into pieces. (We call them sushi sandwiches)

If you have other tips for lunches for the little ones, please add a comment below. Getting back into the school routine can be a challenge. Hopefully these tips can make it a little easier to add school lunches back into the schedule.

As you are trying to scratch off all of the back to school to-dos from your list and you notice that your house is a little out of whack from a relaxed summer schedule, consider giving us a call. In September, we are offering 20% off all one time and extra cleanings as a back to school special.

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