House Cleaning Testimonials

Listen to what our clients say about us! View testimonials from our satisfied clients from surrounding Washington area:

“I love the service I’ve received from Clean And Simple. I’ve been a client for several years and the people you send to clean my house have always done a great job and have been some of the nicest people around. I also really appreciate how nice they are to my cat; he’s getting up in years, his health isn’t great so he’s a little timid and afraid of strangers. But the ladies who clean my house are so sweet to him that he actually LIKES them, which says a lot about them. THESE are the kind of people I want to have in my home. One other thing I really appreciate is that if I’m not home during a clean, I know I can trust the team with my cash and valuables. I’ll stick with Clean And Simple as long as possible and will always recommend them to my friends. ”

Ruth S

“You are awesome! All of the cleaners have done an amazing job! It makes such a difference to walk into a clean home each week!”

Kim H

“This company is a Class Act! Not only are the cleaning crews are professional and do a great job, but the office and management teams are as well. Very receptive to needs and changes. Their prices are very competitive and fair. If you haven’t tried Clean and Simple Cleaning, treat yourself and give them a call”

D Kolb

“I just wanted to follow up on my cleaning yesterday – it was perfect and it was beautiful! – I was super happy when I got home    : )  Thank you to Lacy & Jeamina – they did an EXCELLENT job!! And thank you to Ezra for the QC visit……it’s why I love you guys – your commitment to high standards and customer service! So thanks again – really appreciate it”


“The gals did a great job. It is so nice for me to come home to a clean house.
Thank you Clean and Simple!”

Kim, North Lynnwood

“Elvia & Diana cleaned my home today – they did a terrific job. They even moved the folding chairs beside the washer to be sure the laundry floor was totally cleaned – and whatever magic they put in their vacuum left my apartment with a wonderful aroma! Fabulous job, Ladies! Thank you so much.”

Cherylann, Everett

“Wonderful! Looking forward to a long relationship with your company. :)”

Nikki, Edmonds

“This team was the most impressive yet! Great attention to detail. Please send them regularly!”

Bridget, Mukilteo

“Crew did a great job. Worked around me because I was home. Looks lovely!”

Judy, Edmonds

“Thanks April and Brittney. I don’t know what you did differently this time, but it was great to come home to a house that looked and smelled so clean. Awesome!! :-)”


“A beautiful job, as always. Every aspect meets our satisfaction & it’s a pleasure to come home on Fridays. Thank you!”

Wendy, Snohomish

“Clean and fresh!…would also like to thank whoever re-made my bed, that was a treat….keep up the good work”

George, Mukilteo

“A big “Thank You” to Janet for accommodating our request for a time change so our cleaning wouldn’t conflict with our microwave repairman. As always, the girls did a beautiful job and everything looked and smelled super clean. The pen and candies were a nice touch too. Thanks!”

Amanda, Lake Forest Park

“Great cleaning once again. I really enjoy coming home to a clean house. The cleaners are always friendly!!! Thank you.”

Mike, Lake Stevens

“I happened to be home this week when Britteny was cleaning – I mostly stayed out of her way, working in the garden, but she was a VERY pleasant and personable person – it was nice to meet her in person and know that such a sweetie pie was taking care of my house when I’m usually at work.”

Erica, Seattle

“I forgot you were coming and didn’t do any pick up and tidy but thankfully you cleaned around it and did a good job. Thanks”


“Deep cleaning appt. was fabulous! They even did blinds and extra touches. Love it!”


“Guests last night- Clean really helped!”


“Thanks for making it nice to come home to a clean house!”


“A beautiful job Ladies, thank you so much, we love you!”

Wendy, Snohomish

“It has been a rough week and to have the crew here today really raised my spirits. Nothing like a clean house to make you feel like things are going to be OK. Thank you!”

Kim, Mukilteo

“Jocelyn and Cruz were friendly, swift, and thorough – I so appreciated having them here today.”

Cherylann, Everett

“Nadia did such a fabulous job! We hope to have her every time. Our home sparkled! Thanks Nadia!”

Dianne, Edmonds

“They did a fantastic job, as usual, even though it was their 4th cleaning that day and it was hot in the house.”


“Emilia cleaned our house alone and did such a great job. I was impressed with how great the house looked. Great job!”

Kim, Lynnwood

“OMG! It took my breath away to walk in and first smell the clean and then see the shine. I feel like I just received the greatest gift on earth. The ladies did a Magical job on my house today and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!! Every room looks professionally brand new. I really suck at this job… Thanks again. ”


“Your cleaning saved me 6 hours of doing it on my own and really helped my prepare for my family reunion, excellent job all around. Things look sparkling.”

Charlene, Mukilteo

“Loved how shiney my hardwood floors looked when I came home. Thank you crew!”

Laurie, Lynnwood

“I always look forward to coming home to my clean home on the scheduled cleaning day. These 2 women leave my home immaculate and beyond my expectations. Thank you Emilia and Maribol.”

Mike, Lake Stevens

“I was out of town on vacation and left my 20 year old home. I had no idea what shape my house was going to be in since I was gone, but was very pleased to see the same great quality from the crew as usual! Thank you! PS: Hopefully the 20 year old didn’t leave the house in TOO much of a mess.”

Lisa, Snohomish

“It was wonderful to walk into the house and it smelled so clean. I can not believe April and Jocelyn found items we had missed. Great job ladies. Thank you so much!”


“What a fantastic job these two ladies did! I came home to not only a sparkly clean home, but they folded the laundry that was sitting on top of the dryer! Laundry fairies! WAHOO! Thank you so much for the extra effort and pleasant surprise!”

Deanna, Woodinville

“My cleaning was PHENOMENAL! The ladies were very nice, and left my house so wonderfully clean. Especially my kitchen… I didn’t realize how dirty it was before, until it was really clean. THANK YOU!”

Kelly, Edmonds

“For the past two months we’ve been living in a construction zone while having two of our bathrooms redone. It was so nice to come home to a clean, dust free home. Liliana and Trini did a fantastic job. Thank you!”

Amanda, Lake Forest Park

“Awesome job. This crew greatly exceeded my expectations. The house looks wonderful. I would enjoy having these two clean my house every time if at all possible. Even with the mix up and not hearing my phone ring we still managed to get them here for my cleaning. Than you very much.”

Mike, Lake Stevens

“I really appreciated the quality control person coming by later to check the quality of the cleaning!”

Suzi, Edmonds

“The house looks and smells as clean as a five star hotel room! Perfect!!! Thank you so much.”

Kristine, Edmonds

“Although Liliana and Brittney have not cleaned for me before, they did a very nice job! Up to your usual high standards. Thank you.”

Donna, Mountlake Terrace

“Every time Yusely cleans our home, we’re happy with her efficient, quiet, take care of it attitude. Thank you, Janet.”

Janet, Everett

“I’ve been meaning to acknowledge the cleaners from 2 weeks ago for their attention to detail…it is wonderful to come home to a clean home and little touches that say they care! :-)”

Deanna, Shoreline

“Nidia did her usual excellent cleaning, but went beyond by cleaning the front door area as well as the back sliding glass door. Thank you, Nidia. My home is spotless, and ready to entertain 16 family and friends for Easter dinner.”


“Efficient, effective, attentive to details-super job, Emilia and Jocelyn! It was so great to finish a long workday myself and enjoy such a wonderfully cleaned home. Thank you for your help and professionalism!”

Mary, Edmonds

“Your staff always does great work but when I came home yesterday everything seemed exceptionally clean and smelled terrific! Liliana and Yusely are a great team… they really paid attention to detail…even cleaning my toaster and dusting the cluttered shelves in my children’s bedroom. Thank you!”

Amanda, Lake Forest Park

“Thanks, it was nice to have the consistency of April and the newness of Patricia~fun new way to plump the couch pillows and arrange the coffee table magazines. :)”

Sarah, Kirkland

“Carmen and Maria did a wonderful job. Our house looks great! They both worked so hard and it shows! Thank you!!”

Jennifer, Millcreek

“Carmen and Elvia did a fabulous job! I could tell they paid extra attention to detail and it really showed! Thank you for the extra good job this time!”

Patti, Edmonds

“Elvia was eager for me to check her work. She is very motivated to do a good job, and she has a good personality.”

Maxine, Bothell

“We had a slumber party with 5 10-yr old girls the weekend before our cleaning. The crew did such an outstanding job of giving me my house back! Thank you :)”

Kim, Mukilteo

“You guys usually do a good job but today I came home to an awesome present. I’d left some laundry on the sofa thinking it’s off the floor, so they can vacuum… only to find the towels neatly folded. After helping a friend who is struggling with having another friend have stage 4 cancer it was a great present. THANKS!”

Liz, Mukilteo

“This was my first cleaning-absolutely loved the impeccable quality of service!!!!”

Dalyn, Mill Creek

“Beautiful job, always exceeds my expectations (cleaning the dog bowl?, thank you so much Maria)!!”


“Came in and did another excellent job. I so enjoy having someone else take care of my bathroom. The floors throughout the house were spotless.”

Laurie, Lynnwood

“Elvia and Patty came in the week after the snow storm. They had such great attitudes about getting the job done and making sure that I was pleased with my service. I always LOVE cleaning day. THANK YOU!”

Kim, Mukilteo

“Today’s crew did an exceptionally great job and our house looks great! Thank you! :-)”


“Nice job, thanks for working around the snow and ice to schedule a cleaning.”

Lynn, Mill Creek

“It’s such a pleasure to be in the house after their great cleaning. Continually wonderful job. Thank you.


“I love every other Wednesday when I come home to a superb, clean house. The crew always does such a great job! Thank you for giving me my weekends back!”

Denise, Lynnwood

“They did an unbelievable job under difficult conditions. House was a mess because I had been under construction had been done to make it wheelchair accessible. And my three legged dog was hopping about. Kudo and thanks!”

Nancy, Maltby

“To be quite honest, with the expense and financial stress of kids in college sometimes I think that maybe I should cancel your service and cut my costs. Then I come home on a day like today and find my house so immaculate and cleaned to the bone, that I realize how your service is worth every penny and that there is no way I’d cancel, your crews are amazing. Thank you so much!”


“These two girls were so affectionate. They were both very pleasant and eager to do a good job. I got to spend time in my sewing room. When I came out my house was “So clean” It was wonderful. I hope I can use you more often. Please tell both girls I said thank you. I didn’t get to say thank you when they left. I was on the phone. :0) Can you please let me know what they use to clean the counters and floors? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


“This service really saved my day. I have been sick, the house was horrible and the ladies really got it clean and ready for the numerous guests I’m getting in the next few days.”


“Fresh and clean once again….thank you for your continued attention to detail.”


“Oh my goodness, Liliana is amazing. She worked tirelessly to make my house smell wonderful and sparkle! She didn’t miss a thing. Thank you Liliana!”


“The girls did a great job today, everything looked good, especially the little things like the bugs around the edges of the carpet.”


“An outstanding job today! The family room was exceptional as were the upstairs bedrooms. Thank you so much!”


“After missing my cleaning last month due to 7 weeks of home improvements, I was never so excited to have a real deep cleaning done to the house. The floors were just immaculate. The dust had been everywhere and the wood blinds were the best I had ever seen. Thank you so much for the attention to detail of all the areas of the home.”


“I got this service for my mom, she was thrilled with the results. We have used other companies in the past, but yours is much better. Everything shined. Liliana & Oralia were very nice and incredibly hard workers. Thanks!”


“What a great job your crew did. Every time I think our house could not be cleaned better, I come home to find it at an even better level! wow! Thank you so much for your continued great service!”


“April is our favorite cleaner, and has been doing our home for several years. Her work is always careful, methodical and excellent. Thank you for having her help with our home!”


“Thanks for an absolutely perfect cleaning—everything was spotless and the house was pretty dirty—Congrats to the crew!”


“My home was visited by the Quality Manager during it’s last cleaning and I just wanted to let you know how happy I was to come home & find everything done so well! Not only were all the rooms cleaned thoroughly, I felt there was more attention paid to putting my items back they way they were after the cleaning. Please continue to provide this QM service to help bring all your cleaning staff up to this standard. If my home looked as good after each cleaning as it did last week I would never stop singing the praises of Clean & Simple!”


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