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October 2012 Issue

Hello Friends,

Deanie Douglas

As many of you may already know Clean and Simple Cleaning is a strong supporter of breast cancer. In September’s newsletter we talked about breast cancer awareness month and our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason. For October, which is now breast cancer awareness month, we would like to announce our second annual Deannie Douglas Award.

For those of you who haven’t been around for a whole year, the Deannie Douglas Award is something we began last year. The award is in honor of my dear friend, Deannie Douglas who passed away from breast cancer in 2003 after a six-year struggle with the debilitating disease.

When Deannie first got sick, I offered to clean her home as a gift. She was thrilled and raved about how good the cleaning made her feel. I then knew the importance of coming home to a sparkling clean house when you have so many other things on your mind. Deannie is one of the reasons why I got involved with Cleaning For A Reason and it’s also why I continue cleaning houses for others who are battling the same illness that took my dear friend. Clean and Simple Cleaning services several Cleaning For A Reason recipients every month, but we also wanted to start our own award in memory of Deannie.

The Deannie Douglas Award gives one woman, who is struggling with cancer or who has a child struggling with cancer FREE House Cleaning for an entire year. We believe the simple act of cleaning someone’s’ home will give them one less thing to worry about which allows them to put all of their energy into their health. Last year we heard the touching story of Erica Stemin, who had recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. A long time client of ours nominated her, and after hearing her story we knew she would be the perfect recipient for the first Deannie Douglas Award.

Thousands of women are affected by breast cancer every year including our operations manager, Janet Swett, who did not only fight it she survived it! We cannot wait to hear all the touching stories and give another amazing woman a clean house for an entire year. If you know someone struggling with breast cancer who lives in the Snohomish County area and would like to nominate her call our office, or email us the story of why your nominee should win the Deannie Douglas Award.

Thank you!

Tips & Tricks

Deep Cleaning for a Rainy Day

Locked in doors on that rainy or snowy spring day? You can deep clean your house and you’ll brighten rooms and help maintain your home’s value.

De-bug the light fixtures
Turn off the lights and carefully remove fixture covers, dump out flies and wash with hot soapy water. While you’re up there, dust bulbs. Dry everything thoroughly before replacing the cover.

Vacuum heat vents and registers
Unscrew vent covers from walls or pluck them from floors, remove foreign objects, and vacuum inside the vent. Clean grates with a damp cloth and screw back tightly..

Polish hardware
To deep clean brass door hinges, handles, and cabinet knobs, thoroughly wipe with a damp microfiber cloth, then polish. Dish soap shines up glass or stainless steel knobs. Use a Q-tip to detail the ornamental filigree on knobs and handles.

Replace grungy switch plates
Any amateur can wipe a few fingerprints off cover plates that hide light switches, electric outlets, phone jacks, and cable outlets. But only deep cleaners happily remove plates to vacuum and swipe the gunk behind. (OK, we’re a little OCD when it comes to dirt!) Make sure cover plates are straight when you replace them. And pitch plates that are beyond the help of even deep cleaning. New ones cost less than $2 each.

Client Corner

to our Newest Clients

Kristy D.
Merisa T.
Richard S.

Christy P.
Nancy P.

Carolyn E.

Kristine B.

Shane F.

Michael G.

Lynne H.
Rick B.
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Lake Stevens
Mandy C.

$ $ Referrals $ $

A Big Thank You to:

Stacie B . who referred Kristy D.

Andy G. who referred Shane F.

Did you know if you give us a referral that turns into a regular Customer, you will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE cleaning?

All referrals will recieve a $25.00 credit towards a cleaning. See website for details.

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What People are Saying About Us

“I happened to be home this week when Britteny was cleaning – I mostly stayed out of her way, working in the garden, but she was a VERY pleasant and personable person – it was nice to meet her in person and know that such a sweetie pie was taking care of my house when I’m usually at work.” Crew: Britteny
– Erica S.

“I forgot you were coming and didn’t do any pick up and tidy but thankfully you cleaned around it and did a good job. – Thanks” Crew: Liliana and Isabel
– Lori M.

“Deep cleaning appt was fabulous! They even did blinds and extra touches. Love it!” Crew: Cruz and Maria V.
– Sharie F.

“Thanks for making it nice to come home to a clean house!”
Crew: Jocelyn and Trinidad
– Mindy D.

Congratulations to all of our Monthly Drawing Winners!

Client Survey Winners:
Christy P.
Francis M .
Richard S .

Get in on the action! Fill out a Customer Satisfaction Survey. Once a month we pull names from all the surveys we receive & those people win a gift card for a dinner out!

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