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12 Easy and Affordable DIY Bathroom Makeover Ideas


There are some truly gorgeous bathroom makeovers out there.  I can lose an hour just scrolling through before and after pictures on Pinterest.  Of course, the price tag on a lot of those makeovers is enormous, which is why I like finding simple DIY projects to tide me over in the meantime.  I look for projects that are affordable, functional, and produce results I know I’ll love.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

  1. Towel rack made out of a ladder: exactly as it says on the label. Find an old wooden ladder, sand and repaint or varnish, prop it up against your bathroom wall and you have a fun, vintage-y towel rack.
  2. Repurpose wooden drawers for storage: wooden drawers from filing cabinets or dressers can be easily repurposed by gluing a scrap of patterned fabric cut to fit the front of the drawer, and then used for storage (think washcloths and toiletries: all those difficult-to-corral odds and ends).
  3. Reuse old glass jars as bathroom organization. This is a step above easy for me (there are power tools involved), but it makes use of non-mason jars (i.e., the kind you most likely have on hand at any given moment, like empty pickle jars) for a cute and functional organizational item.
  4. Coil rug. This is a simple project that yields professional-looking results: a standard coil rug made out of braided polypropylene rope, all you need in addition to the rope is a pair of scissors and some duct tape.  Start coiling your rope into a flat coil, using duct tape to hold it in place.  Once you’ve coiled the length of the rope, put on another layer of duct tape.  Flip it over and admire your finished rug!
  5. Add a frame to your mirror. The difference this one change makes is so surprising, and it’s not too difficult of a project.
  6. Repaint your existing vanity and update with new pulls and hardware. Why buy a whole new vanity when you can transform the current one with about $20?
  7. Hanging storage baskets. Easy and practical.
  8. Reclaimed wood art (also includes directions for a towel rack). Ok, this is another one that overshoots the “easy” mark by a little bit.  But I love the look of some of these pieces, enough to think the extra work is worth it.
  9. DIY shell candles. These break a little with my “functionality” criteria, but they’re irresistibly whimsical.
  10. Hanging air plants. Also not exactly functional, but for a unique and easy infusion of green into your bathroom, this project really can’t be beat.
  11. Bathroom cabinet organization. This one checks all my boxes – it’s easy, it’s practical, it’s cheap, and it provides seriously satisfying results (the magnet idea for bobby pins is genius).
  12. Rolling crate storage. This project might look a bit intimidating at first (the power tools make a reappearance), but the directions are clear and easy to follow, and the result is totally impressive.

What are your favorite easy DIY projects?  Or how about your dream bathroom makeover?


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