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Anti-Burglary Home Protection Tips – Part 4

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Here is the next entry of home protection tips in our anti-burglary home protection blog series. Homeowners should make it hard for burglars to hide and install a home security alarm system. It seems relatively straightforward. However, is an important home protection tip since thieves are more likely to attempt breaking into a house where it is easy for them not to be seen and is free from surveillance.

Anti-burglary Home Protection Tips to make it hard for burglars to hide

  • Trimming down or removing shrubbery next to doors or windows.
  • Use thorny plants next to the house like holly or roses.
  • Utilize outside security lighting and make sure to pay attention to burn outs.
  • Use motion detecting lights as lights coming on will make burglar uncomfortable and neighbors are more likely to notice the change in lights then constant lighting.  If you have a tall security fence in the backyard, we firmly recommend motion detection lights in the back of your house as well.

Home Security Alarm System Home Protection Tips

  • Use the sign/window decal that shows your house is under protection and ensure sure they remain visible.
  • Choose a home security system that covers windows and doors.  Some systems include glass-break sensors and sudden shock waves too.
  • Do not post your code next to or on the home security alarm keypad.

Protecting your home is important.  Following these easy home protection tips along with the ones found in our previous blogs; Protecting Your Home Against BurglaryDon’t Advertise You are Away and Make it Hard to Gain Access will provide you peace of mind.

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