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Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Your Home

We provide an extensive, comprehensive Deep Cleaning service. Upon booking your one-time deep cleaning service session, you can expect great results. We perform a thorough cleaning of your entire home, with the choice of extending your service to items not usually covered in our regular maintenance cleaning.

We charge for our deep cleaning services on hourly intervals and concentrate on baseboards, edging, high and low dusting and cobweb removal, window tracks, blinds, and moving larger furniture to clean underneath each item. Cleaning the inside of the ovens and refrigerator can also be added. All cleanings involve thorough cleaning of the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and all other living areas of the home.

We also include vacuuming carpets, as well as dusting ledges, picture frames, reachable light fixtures and windowsills. We even offer additional housekeeping services, including but not limited to changing linens, dusting blinds and partitions, emptying all trash, thoroughly cleaning the inside of appliances and vacuuming of furniture. You may also adjust cleaning based on budget and time frame.

One-time deep cleaning sessions are an excellent way to get ready for a guest, start off the spring or fall season on the right foot or just to give yourself some time off to do something enjoyable.


This service is a modified ‘Deep Clean’ job.  The customer can specify different projects or clean to help them prepare for various occasions such as house guests, holidays, or parties.