Four Focal Points in House Cleaning

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Four Focal Points in House Cleaning

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In between seasonal house cleanings, or during busy weeks it’s hard to keep up with all the house cleaning.

Many people believe house cleaning is an all day thing but house cleaning can be done quickly and efficiently if you’re following a schedule and do a little every day. This blog is about quick ways to tidy up your house every day, and the best ways to keep your house looking good no matter what the occasion.

  • When you don’t have time for a full house cleaning the best way to feel still safe is always to keep the dishes under control.

This point may seem obvious, but believe me, many people (including myself sometimes) do not follow this simple step. Have all your family rinse off their dishes and put them straight into the dishwasher. A simple 30 seconds of cleaning can save you  5 minutes of scrubbing once the food dried onto the plate. Doing the dishes can also serve as great family bonding if everyone contributes

  • Make your bed.

After coming home from a long day at work, there is nothing worse than walking into a messy room. Even if you only have a minute tidy up your blankets before you leave in the morning the difference it makes it unbelievable.

  • Always leave the shoes at the door.

This point may be inconvenient sometimes. However, you would not believe the difference it makes in keeping your house clean and HEALTHY! Your shoes bring in dirt and germs spreading them onto your carpet. By keeping your shoes out of the house your floors will stay looking great longer, and you’ll have to sweep and vacuum much less. Along with them looking cleaner, the germs will not be spread around your house potentially making you sick.

  • Clean your kitchen sink.

Your Kitchen sinks can get dirty fast. A simple way to avoid rigorous sink scrubbing is to wipe down your sink after every use. With a cleaning wipe, this can take less than 30 seconds! It keeps your sink more hygienic and always sparkling. A combination of lemon juice and salt can help shine your faucets if you don’t have a proper cleaner. Another great use for lemon peels is to put them down the garbage disposal, killing germs and deodorizing. Leaving your sink sparkling and your kitchen smelling fresh!

By continually doing these four steps, along with more in depth house cleaning when you have the time, your house will be looking better in no time. House cleaning does take time, but a few simple things can make all the difference!