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Preventative Fogging Disinfecting

Take a Proactive Approach to Disinfecting

The Coronavirus pandemic presented a host of new health challenges for home and public spaces, and Clean and Simple Cleaning wants to help you meet these challenges head-on. One of the best ways we’re doing that is a disinfecting practice called “fogging.”

Fogging is a process of spraying a fine disinfectant mist into an area to help neutralize both airborne particles and hard-to-reach surfaces. Combined with other Clean and Simple disinfecting methods, fogging can help ensure the best possible sanitization of your commercial space.

Even before the Coronavirus pandemic began, there was no shortage of viruses and other harmful micro-organisms ready to threaten the health of you, your employees, and the customers you serve. Regular preventative disinfecting measures can help your company maintain a healthy and safe workspace through the current situation as well as future flu seasons.

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