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Tips of Creating a Homework Station

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School is back in session. Which means, homework has or will soon become a part of our nightly routines again. You can do many things to help keep homework from taking over your home. Moreover, help provide good study habits imparted to your children. Here are four tips to set up a homework station that will promote good studying habits. And keep an organized home.

Tips to Create a Homework Station in Your Home

1.  Designate an Area.

Figure out if your student needs a tranquil place to study or needs a little noise around them. Then, determine the best location for them to be. A desk in their room or your den or maybe the kitchen table works best. It could be that they need both. It depends on the project they are working on at that moment. Regardless of where their designated spot, make it theirs.

2.  Clutter – Free.

My kids both do most of their homework at the breakfast bar or kitchen table. The only problem is when they do not finish it when its dinner time. We solved this problem with hanging a magazine rack that can easily hold the books, papers, and the like. They place their things on the rack for the meantime when the table or bar area is needed. There is a slot for each of my kids. And even one for me too, where all the papers that I need to fill out or return to school can go. If your child is using a desk, make sure to go through it with them. Furthermore, get rid of the items that they do not need and keep the top clear.

3.  Stock Needed Supplies.

Make sure there are sharpened pencils, papers, and whatever other supplies needed in their designated homework spot. Since my kids conquer their homework in the kitchen, we bought a fun container to hold all their supplies. Having supplies close will keep them from breaking focus or adding to their knack for procrastination. Also, make sure there is good lighting, and if needed there is music accessible. Some background noise especially music helps with concentration.

4. Be Available.

I like having my kids do their homework in the kitchen while I am making dinner. That way, if they need a little help or encouragement, then I can do it easily. I think we feel more at ease when we are all in the same room doing our own thing. I can see when frustration is setting in when it is time for a break. Alternatively, maybe an encouraging word, but also am being productive and stay at bay.
Homework adds another dimension into the household and can often be a cause for disruption in the calm, but setting up an area can help reverse that. Your students will have homework and items they are responsible for from Kindergarten all the way to college, so create a space to tackle it will promote good study habits throughout the years.

If you have a study area for your kids or yourself, we would love to see a picture or hear about it in the comment section below.

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