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10k Run Training Challenges


.My second week of the 10k run training is in the books, and I am thankful that I started the 12-week training session with more than 12 weeks before the Inspiring Hope Run as my week did not go as planned. 

Some of many 10k Run Training Challenges of week 2 was that my kids were sick, so my time was cut short. Another one is that I was not able to leave my house to run due to other reasons. Finding time is a constant struggle for me especially being a single, working mom.  I am determined though to make myself and my health a priority. Also to make time, but when the kids are sick, there is not too much I can do.

There were two times this past week when I was called home in the middle of a run/walk and cross training at the gym.  (Of course, my son called me back on the run where I was feeling great. My feet were like feathers and not the one where I felt like I had bricks tied to my feet.  It always works out that way, right?)  Besides the couple workouts that were cut short, I also had a run scheduled but couldn’t leave the house due to my youngest being at home.

I have decided to redo week 2 of the 10k run training this week. It is to make sure I am ready to move on.  Also, I think it will be best to take it slow at the beginning. Additionally, to only push myself later in the training if needed.  I don’t want to get frustrated with myself or worse get injured.

Even though I am scratching the week, I did have a win.  I didn’t go as far as I was supposed to, but I did run, and the day I wasn’t able to go on a run, I did a workout at home to replace it.  The first sign of determination and the fact a habit might be forming is a win, so I am taking it and will run with it this week.

The healthy living program is having a redo week this week too.  Last week’s challenge was to write down everything we eat so we could track our decisions and portions.  There wasn’t a lot of success with it, so we are trying it again this week.  Tracking food intake is important. It is because it allows us to see what we are eating. Additionally, sometimes it might even influence us to make better decisions.

Leave a comment with a tip for food and activity tracking. We will send you a copy of our tracking booklet.

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