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Congratulations Janet, Winner of the 2018 ARCSI Chairman’s Award!


We are so proud to announce that Janet Swett is the winner of this year’s Association of Residential Cleaning Services International’s Chairman’s Award.  This award recognizes outstanding performance of cleaning service office personnel, and we can’t think of a more appropriate winner!  Our Operations Manager for over 9 years, Janet is absolutely essential at Clean and Simple.  She also manages to be both a stabilizing and encouraging influence on both the office and the cleaning staff.  For as long as I’ve worked at Clean and Simple, Janet has provided a sympathetic ear to employees. She is often a counselor and mentor as much as she is a manager.  Former employees keep in touch and come to visit her frequently, sometimes bringing their families.

What does an Operations Manager do?

Operations Manager is a demanding position that requires taking on a lot of different roles in the company.  Sometimes within the space of just a few minutes.  Janet is part human resources, scheduler, accountant, salesperson, customer service, and quality control.  And when the day is falling apart, and the office is on the brink of chaos, she never gets overwhelmed or frantic.  Janet is the calm center around which our more excitable personalities orbit.  This influence is never more apparent than when she takes a rare and well-deserved vacation.  As soon as she’s left, the office feels off-kilter.  According to Janet, she loves the fast pace and unique challenges each day presents.  Her favorite part of the job, however,  is the opportunity to work in a woman-owned and woman-centered company.

Please join us in celebrating Janet this month!  She will be going to the ARCSI/ISSA convention in Dallas with Stacie at the end of October to accept her award, and we will be posting tons of pictures for it on social media, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.  Congrats again, Janet!  We’re so appreciative of all that you, and so happy to have you as part of Clean and Simple Cleaning ™.

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“Buyer Beware” – Not All House cleaners Will Save You Money

While it’s true that having someone else take over your cleaning tasks will save you time and money overall, you’ll want to be sure the house cleaning company you hire is actually going to save you money and not end up costing you more. What does that mean? 

Well, in today’s social media culture, anyone can make a post stating that they are a housecleaner and start taking clients. This person could be fantastic— a knowledgeable cleaner with good ethics who just happens to not have insurance or licensing— or they could be an opportunist looking for easy access to your trust and your valuables. They could be a careful and consistent cleaner, or they could be accident-prone and sloppy. 

If you’ve hired a cleaner without proper licensing, training, or insurance, any mishaps resulting in an injured worker, broken belongings, or missing items will be your responsibility.  You’ll be responsible for providing medical care, repairing, or replacing belongings by filing a claim under your own homeowners’ insurance policy, where you will pay your full deductible. 

If accidents do occur, a properly licensed and insured cleaning company will assume all responsibility and cover any damages caused by their employees. They’ll also provide worker’s compensation for any injuries that an employee may suffer while on the job.

Hiring a trustworthy, licensed and insured house cleaning company with great reviews that performs background checks and provides training for all of their cleaning technicians may be slightly more expensive than hiring Regina Random from Facebook, but in the long run, it is a money-saving choice. Training, trustworthy technicians with clear background checks offer you something truly valuable: Peace of mind. An insured and bonded company doing work in your house while you are away can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

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