Clean and simple cleaning services

Green Cleaning Offers Exceptional Quality

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ has been taking large strides to become a green cleaning company. When it comes to cleaning products, it is tough to balance the best possible clean and what’s best for the environment.

With our green cleaning products from Betco, we are providing the best possible clean with a product that is still environmentally responsible. Our four leading green cleaning products clean a large variety of surfaces safely, while still disinfecting. Some surfaces are also cleaned with a water/vinegar mixture to ensure the protection of the surface which is also safe for the environment.

Living in the Pacific North West, which is a leader in environmental awareness, it is even more important to use green cleaning products and procedures. Servicing Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Mukilteo and all the surrounding cities. So, it means we are cleaning in areas that we live in as well. We are protecting the environment of our customers, and our own families.

Knowing that these harmful cleaners that other companies use on a daily basis are extremely damaging to the environment. So, you can only imagine the effects they can have on your body. Homes are enclosed spaces. So, by using chemicals to clean them only releases the chemicals in the air you breathe. It is why we made efforts to use green cleaning products. Not only are we taking steps to protect the environment we also are protecting you and your family.

We do still offer non-green cleaning products for people that specifically request it. Our number one goal is to satisfy the customer, and every customer has different preferences. However, the majority of customers are happy and love that our companies default products are green cleaning products. Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ knows the importance of protecting our world for generations to come.

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