5 Useful Vacuuming Tips

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5 Useful Vacuuming Tips

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We rounded up some of our favorite vacuuming tips, just for you.  These include some pro techniques, as well as useful vacuuming hacks to make your life that much easier.



Vacuum Tips

Professional vacuum lines

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First break the room up into sections, and work your way backwards out the door. Then make a “W” or “M” shape as you vacuum. This is how you get satisfying professional vacuum lines.  Additionally, it’s a more efficient and thorough way of vacuuming. You will cover every square inch of carpet without having to backtrack.

Your new favorite crevice tool

Use a cardboard tube to get into hard to reach places. No wait, hear me out on this one! Unlike hard plastic tools, cardboard tubes (like, say, a toilet paper roll) are flexible (mold it into whatever shape you need!) and disposable.  Seriously, give this one a shot, you won’t regret it.

For a better-smelling vacuum

A spoonful of cinnamon in your vacuum bag can cover up lingering pet smells from previous vacuumings. Similarly, scented dryer sheets in the vacuum bag provide a nice fresh scent as well.

Eliminating pet odors

To tackle pet odors in your carpet, sprinkle the are with baking soda. Then let it sit for 30 minutes to fully absorb all odors, and then run then vacuum.  Afterwards you’ll have fresh-smelling carpets.

The pantyhose trick

Our final tip is a life saver. In case you need to find small items on the floors, use a vacuum hose with pantyhose rubberbanded over the opening. No more fumbling around for that tiny post earring you seem to drop every time you pick it up.