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Getting fit and being healthy is one of the most common new year’s resolutions. So, our Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ team is starting this year off with a Healthy Living Program too.

New Year’s Resolutions are a fun way to set goals and start the new year off thinking about how to improve yourself. Whether it be your physical self, your attitude or actions or the world around you.  Our owner, Stacie McMillan (who completed an Ironman last year), is leading our team to meet our goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

Even though the percentage of people who keep their news years resolution is a low 22%, I am staying optimistic.  One of the best ways to accomplish your goals or change habits is to write them down and being accountable. It is what our Healthy Living Program is all about after all.

Some of us want to lose a few pounds, others want to learn about healthy portions and recipes, and others want to complete a race whether it is a 5k, half marathon or a triathlon.  Our goals are individual. However, collectively, we want to be healthier and are looking forward to doing it together.

Each week we will have a challenge and health focus.  This week our challenge is to love water and drink at least six glasses a day.  Each week we will build on previous weeks healthy habits.  Our goal is that everyone from our company will be able to participate in the Inspiring Hope 5k/10k Walk/Run we sponsor in May.

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