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Outside Spring Cleaning Tips – Focusing on the Yard

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Outside spring cleaning is necessary and taking care of your yard and deck are a big part of getting ready for the warmer weather.  The yard and deck/patio are not going to be ready for the barbeques without a little work after the winter season. So, follow these outside spring cleaning tips for your home.

First, get rid of the wet leaves and debris that are covering your flower beds and grass.  Then clean up the flower beds with getting all the weeding done.  It is a perfect time to add bark, rocks or the ground covering of your choice to all the flower beds too.

Pressure wash the deck/patio using the specialized cleaning solution to remove stains, dirt, and mildew.  When cleaning surfaces, consider re-staining or adding a protective coating if applicable to your material.

Your outside furniture is surely going to need some attention too.  Get rid of cobwebs and dirt with a broom or rag.  Depending on the type of furniture you have will depend on the best way of cleaning it.

Lastly, bring out your grill.  Use a degreaser and a wire brush to remove all of the build-ups and get it ready for the bar-b-ques.

Sprucing up the yard and deck/patio area are an excellent way to get the outside of your home ready for spring and summer.  Click here for more suggestions for outside spring cleaning for your home.  Let the bar-b-queuing begin!

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