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{Monthly Newsletter} Graduation is Fast Approaching


Graduation season is fast approaching. Furthermore, in between all the senior activities and finalizing college plans is the realization that my baby boy is turning 18. Moreover, he is graduating high school and going off to college in the fall.

My son is simply a nice young man. When he was young, I can remember him putting his little sister on the floor. And then building his train track around her.

She was just a few months old, and he was three. He would just watch the trains go around, and she would just smile at him. He is patient with her still, and trust me she takes patience, she is  15 after all! She was so excited to be a freshman his senior year. She looks up to him, and he is the best big brother!

When he was ten, he got super angry with me because his baseball uniform was dirty. He pitched a rare fit about having a dirty uniform for his All Star game. I was thrown with his emotion over the matter and showed him how to operate the machines! It was a pivotal moment.  He has in fact done his own laundry since that day. I would say he is the master of our laundry room. Always making sure we have an adequate supply of detergent, fabric softener and clothing baskets! If I leave laundry in the machines, he makes sure it is properly dried and in a basket in my room!

It has just been the “three” of us for years and he just always amazes me with his kind gentle spirit. He fixes things, is helpful and hardworking, and has a giving heart!

My most recent memorable moment was seeing him at the finish line of my Ironman at Whistler this past summer. He dropped to his knees with tears in his eyes. My son was overwhelmed with emotion. He picked me up and held me so tight that I was a tear filled in awe of him, not because I just spent the last 14.5 hours completing an event. Just simply proud to have this young man on my side.

He gives me strength and brings joy to my heart. A heart that will ache during his absence but knowing he has made great choices and is now ready for his next adventure! I will continue to pray for his protection and bless him as he leaves for Gonzaga at the end of August. Moreover, I am sure he will be successful! I am sure his sister and I will miss him!

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