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8 Items to Remember During a Remodel

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Remodels are stressful but bring great joy when finished.  There are several items homeowners should remember during a remodel to help it be as smooth as possible.  Read through our list and feel free to comment with added items!

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™’s Top 8 Things to Remember during a Remodel!
  • Expect the Unexpected.
    • No matter how much you plan and how detailed you are something always goes wrong during a remodel.  Whether it’s a simple miscommunication with the contractor or an unforeseen repair to the structure or mold or termites hiding behind your walls, some problem will come up in the remodel.  The best plan to deal with this is be prepared for the unexpected with wiggle room in the budget (and timeline).
  • Know it will take Longer than you Plan.
    • Products get delayed due to delivery or damage, work gets pushed back or extra work needs to be added to the project.  It is more common than not for a remodel project to take longer than the original time line.  Building a buffer into your time frame will help lessen the frustration.
  • Ask Questions throughout!
    • The last thing you want to do is be disappointed in the end. Ask contractors questions and make sure you are getting what you want and the plans are being followed.  With this in mind, also make sure to be respectful of the workers and their knowledge.  Crabby contractors do not make for an easy remodel.
  • Be Mindful of the STRESS.
    • The Remodel will undoubtedly bring stress to your life.  Make sure to be patient with your loved ones and remember most of what is going on is due to the added stress and emotions so don’t take things personally.
  • Plan for Interrupted Living Arrangements.
    • Figure out a plan for how you are going to deal with not being able to use the space in your home that is being remodeled.  For instance, if you are remodeling your kitchen plan to set up a temporary kitchen (microwave, mini fridge, garbage, etc..) to get you through.  If you are remodeling a bath, come up with a schedule for the family to ensure all will be able to get ready and out the door on time.
  • Pack First.
    • Pack up all items from the remodeled area of the home before the remodel starts.  Try to be mindful of items that you may need to bring out before the end of the remodel. Pack those on top and of course as always label your boxes.
  • Stay Safe.
    • Limit access into the area being remodeled.  Depending on the space that is easier said than done.  Make sure children and pets are watched closely and not allowed into construction zones.  Also, make sure there aren’t pieces of glass or nails sitting around which can often be overlooked by construction workers.
  • Manage the Mess.
    • Your house will be a mess during a remodel but there are a few things to help minimizes its impact.  Put up plastic sheeting in doorways to limit the dust entering other rooms. Furthermore, have workers use one path to gain entry to the area. Moreover, make sure all supplies and machines are not kept on or moved on top of you landscaped yard.

If you can remember these items during a remodel, you will have a good solid plan to get through the remodel with as little stress as possible.

When your remodel is done and your house is covered in dust, contact the Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ team to come do a deep cleaning to get your new space sparkling and ready to show off to friends and family.

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