8 Ways to Freshen Your Home for Spring

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8 Ways to Freshen Your Home for Spring

by | CLEANING TIPS, In the Home | 0 comments

Spring is almost officially here so it is time to get your home feeling fresh, airy and light.  Changing out a few things can quickly freshen up your home and get your home and you ready for the season change.  Here are Clean and Simple Cleaning™‘s top 8 ways to freshen your home for spring.

  • Change out your area rugs.

Better yet, try layering a slightly smaller rug on to your standard decor rug to add color and a freshness to room and also adding a comfort, layered put together look.  Also consider putting a standard rug in front of your sink in your guest or master baths instead of a traditional bathroom rug.  They will hold up just fine and give a new look and feel to your bathrooms.

  • Change out or add more throw pillows.

Adding pillows in bright colors and funky patterns will instantly add new energy to your room. Don’t forget to add white to help add a lightness to your room.

  • Add life to your space by bringing in flowers and/or greenery.

Displaying fresh fruit or vegetables is also a great way to do this.

  • Change out window coverings to a light airy fabric.

Letting in more natural light will definitely help you welcome in the new season!

  • Change out your accessories.

This doesn’t have to cost you anything as just moving things around and putting different items even from different rooms together to make a fresh new display does the trick.  Throw in a little spring fling with a quote placed in a picture frame, flowers, or an easter decoration to complete the transformation.

  • Change out artwork.

This could be as easy as switching out the photograph of your kids with their snowman to your favorite photo with their easter baskets on their heads from a few years back or simple showcasing decorative paper, spring quotes or flower artwork in inexpensive frames.

  • Change out linens and towels.

There is nothing quite like having fresh new bed linens and towels so treat yourself to some plush new linens this spring.  It will instantly add freshness to your space and possibly your attitude too.

  • Organize your space.

No matter what you do to change out your decor your house will not feel fresh and relaxing. Well, it will not, unless you organize it.  Take some time to get the book shelf back into its desired state. As well as getting the closets switched around and donate anything that you are no longer wanting or using.

The trending top spring color this year are turquoise, tomato red, deep blue, apple green, and vivid yellow. However, it is most important that you fill your house with colors you love not what is trending.

Check out our Spring Time Pinterest board for more ideas and leave us a comment below of how you update your decor for spring.