What You Should Know About Getting Your Bathroom Tile To Look Its Very Best


What You Should Know About Getting Your Bathroom Tile To Look Its Very Best


Cleaning bathroom tile is no easy task. And you certainly don’t want to spend hours and hours discovering the best way to clean bathroom floor tiles, or scrubbing and scrubbing to get your bathroom tile to a dazzling shine. 

You’d much rather spend time with your family in Mukilteo, picnicking and beachcombing at Lighthouse Park, than you would in the bathroom, on your hands and knees, cleaning bathroom tile. Who can blame you? Cleaning bathrooms is tough work.

So what is the best way to clean bathroom tile? Let’s eliminate unnecessary time scrubbing, by discussing the best techniques to get your tile to sparkle, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How to Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles

All kinds of things get tracked into your bathroom and onto the floor. Dirt and bacteria accumulate quickly, and if you’re getting ready in the bathroom, hairspray can just cement it all onto the floor.

The more you think about how gross the floor of a bathroom can be, the more you will want to clean it. How can you get your floor sanitized, hairspray-free, and looking its best? Let’s take a look at the proper steps: how to clean bathroom tile floor.

–  Clear the floor of all obstacles like bath mats or rugs, and the trash can. Then, get rid of dirt and dust by sweeping or vacuuming. This is a great time to toss your bathroom rug in the wash, too! If you plan to vacuum your floors, make sure the vacuum is on a setting suitable for hard flooring.

–  A mop is the best way to clean a tile floor, but if you have a small space and/or extremely tight corners to clean, you may want to use a rag instead.

–  Fill a bucket with warm water and a good floor cleaner. Here are some of the very best available. Or you can also try this remedy, using a gallon of hot water and a cup of vinegar, if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals.

–  Dip your mop or rag into the cleaning solution, and wring out most of the water. Too much liquid can leave you with a bigger mess, and even damage some kinds of flooring.

–  Starting at the far end of the bathroom and working your way towards the door, mop the floor. You may need to dunk and wring out the mop a few more times as you go.

–  To clean your grout if it’s still not looking the way it should, you can use a special antifungal grout cleaner or bleach-based cleaner, testing it in a small area first. Apply the cleaner, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, and scrub with a small brush or toothbrush. Don’t forget that bleach-based sprays and solutions should never be used on marble tile.



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How to Clean Shower Tile

Grime on your shower tile is different from the grime on other tile surfaces in your bathroom, and it presents its own set of challenges if you’re hoping for a sparkling clean shower. 

Hard water, soap scum, and dirt and grime build-up and leave your shower tile looking less than its best, and this combination can seem next to impossible to remove. And how to clean bathroom tile stains? If you’re wondering how to clean shower tile so it’s free of this buildup, you’re not alone.

To restore your shower back to its former glory, here’s the best way to tackle the buildup of water, soap, and grime.

-Start by running the shower with hot, hot water for 10 minutes (or just clean it after you’ve showered). The hot water opens the tile’s pores, which will make it easier to clean.

-Mix equal parts water and vinegar and fill a spray bottle.

-Spray the solution onto the tile spraying more of it in the dirtier areas and in between the tiles, where the grout is.

-Let the solution set for at least 5 minutes to loosen soap scum. If your shower is particularly grimy, you may need to let the solution sit for as long as 30 minutes to really loosen everything up.

-Scrub the soap scum with a stiff brush to further loosen the buildup.

-Rinse everything away with warm water.

-Mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water in a bowl -it should be thick, like toothpaste- to really deep clean the tiles. If there are especially difficult stains, you can substitute half the water for hydrogen peroxide. (If you don’t want to make your own mixture, or have a tile cleaner you prefer instead, you can use a tile cleaner instead of this at-home remedy.)

-Apply this paste with a sponge, applying it more generously to the grout and the areas that need attention.

-Spray the paste with more of the vinegar-water solution. The baking soda and the vinegar will react, making it bubble, and the vinegar will help continue to break down the soap scum.

-Scrub everything down again with a stiff brush, and rinse with warm water.

-Dry the tiles off with a towel.

You can repeat these steps as necessary to get a sparkling clean shine, and to remove all the tougher buildup that may remain after your first cleaning.

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