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Breast Cancer Patients Get Free House Cleaning

Take a look at the clock, and think about how quickly two minutes comes and goes. 

In that two minutes, another diagnosis of a man or woman having breast cancer, and their lives change forever. October is approaching fast. Moreover, although everyone is feeling excited for falling leaves and spooky decorations, there is another thing to remember. October is breast cancer awareness month! This moment is our time to remember and support all the individuals who are suffering from the debilitating disease of breast cancer.

Although it was challenging to see the positive when a family member, friend, or loved one goes through such a hard battle, a national organization is working hard to put smiles on the faces of women who have breast cancer. This organization is Cleaning For a Reason. They spend their days organizing with cleaning companies all around the United States to give free cleaning services to women that do not have the time or energy to clean their homes while battling this disease.

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ was honored to be one of the featured in Cleaning For a Reason’s monthly newsletter for their September issue for our employee recognition program. We have been a proud affiliate and company partner of Cleaning For a Reason since they began.

Their program provides free house cleaning services to afflicted breast cancer patients.

Now, there are over 1000 cleaning companies who partner with them to give free house cleaning for breast cancer patients. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we would like to highlight their incredible efforts. Additionally, also remind everyone to take a moment or two this month to support women and men who are fighting this awful battle.

If you would like more information on Cleaning For a Reason, please visit their website at www.cleaningforareason.org.  Always remember to pay attention to your body, in between mammograms check for anything unusual at home.  Here’s a great article from breastcancer.org titled  “The Five Steps of a Breast Self-Exam.”

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