Breast Cancer Survivor


Breast Cancer Survivor


Janet Swett, Clean and Simple Cleaning™’s office manager, is a breast cancer survivor.  As much as she does not like people describing her as ‘the one who had cancer,’ she is a strong advocator and believer in helping others beat this ugly disease.

Janet’s story is an inspiration. It is another reason why we at Clean and Simple Cleaning™ are so passionate about offering support to cancer patients. We also advocate the fight against this nasty disease.

Janet found out about her diagnosis at age 52. One year after she lost her Dad to lung cancer.  She freaked out after the diagnosis. However, quickly got serious and ready to fight.  Watching her Dad battle silently with cancer taught her to face the disease head on courageously, openly.  She did not want the cancer to claim her life or define it.  Being open about her diagnosis made it easier to handle. Moreover, it allowed others to lend her the support she needed.

Janet has a very active and fun-loving spirit which she determines to keep through her struggle.  No matter what she was feeling or when she lost her hair, she believed she was beautiful.  She got out of bed, put makeup on and kept living.  The support of her family, her friends, the team of doctors and her company at the time was amazing which made staying active a lot easier.

She contributes that support and positivity along with preventative health to her beating the disease.  Back in high school she had a benign lump and had been told to do self-breast exams every month.  She took the advice to heart and had done monthly self-breast exams ever since.  It in and of itself saved Janet’s life.

“Life is filled with too many blessings and fun times to mess around with your health,” warned Janet.

Her treatment followed the proper process with surgery followed by chemo and radiation.  As a result, she was said to be in remission in July 2006 and has been officially cancer free for seven years.  She feels relief, but the fear never completely goes away.

As a Cancer Survivor has expanded her compassion for others. Battling the disease, she has an intimate understanding of what the fight entails and how it makes you feel.  “I look at the people whom I know who are or who have battled and ask ‘How are you doing?’ and let them tell me what they are comfortable with.  They understand what I am asking and feel respected.”

Janet is always the first one to jump on board with all of the ways Clean and Simple Cleaning™ supports cancer patients.  “It is such a gift to help get our clients who are battling cancer scheduled for their cleanings.  They are always so thankful to have their homes professionally cleaned for themselves and their families.”

Janet Swett is a Breast Cancer Survivor, but more importantly, she is a loving Mother, dedicated Wife, gracious Friend, hard working Co-Worker and a Beautiful woman.