Choosing Paint Colors to Turn Your House into Your Home

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Choosing Paint Colors to Turn Your House into Your Home

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There is no doubt that coming home to a clean house puts you in a good mood, but there are more layers than just a clean home that can affect your mood at home.  

Did you know? New paint colors can make one of the biggest differences in bringing out your personality. Moreover, it makes your house feel more like a home making choosing paint colors a significant decision.

Colors provoke feelings.  Even a child will tell you that yellow is a happy color, so while we might not realize it, room color can influence our thoughts and moods on a daily basis.

Consider your color preferences, the room’s purpose and the feelings colors can provoke when choosing paint colors and hues.

Light colors can make a room seem bigger and brighter while dark colors add a sophisticated and intimate feeling.

Here is a brief overview of attributes different colors can offer.

Red is the most intense of the colors and has even been proven to raise blood pressure and increase heart rate.  It is typically used in living and dining rooms as it draws people together provoking conversation.

Yellow, as mentioned before, communicates happiness and is energizing.  We generally find it in kitchens and bathrooms.  Yellow is not often found in large rooms as many believe it that, in large amounts, it has the opposite impact on people. It causes them to feel frustrated and angry.

Orange is an energetic color and creates enthusiasm which is ideal for use in a den or workout area.

Blue is often found in bedrooms as it is considered serene and calming.  Lighter hues of blue typically encourage relaxation while darker shades can cause feelings of sadness.

Green is a popular choice for all rooms in homes. It is since it combines the qualities of relaxation from blue and the happiness of yellow and promotes togetherness.

Purple evokes different feelings based on the hue.  A darker shade such as eggplant acts like a red. While having a lighter tone like lilac is similar to light shades of blue and is calming.

If adding color to your walls seems too risky there are lots of neutral shades that can be used to freshen up space. and the color can be brought in using furniture, wall hangings, and other accessories.

Think about your family’s lifestyle and choose paint colors wisely.  When your house is full of colors that speak to you, you will love coming home.  Your home is your space to grow with your family, rejuvenate your mind and be comfortable, so it is important that it feels like you.

Share with us how you go about choosing paint colors for your house.