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Clean and Simple Cleaning ™’s Employee of the Year 2014

Awarding Clean and Simple Cleaning ™’s Employee of the Year is a favorite of mine. It is because I am proud and honored in my business to have an amazing group of employees. They, who are loyal, hard working and actually want the best for Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ and our clients.

ElviaThe Employee of the Year 2014 is Elvia Perez.  She has been working for Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ since June 2011.  As unfair as it is, sometimes the best employees get the worst jobs. And that has been true for Elvia this year.  She is one of our top trainers and has trained steadily throughout the year.

Elvia is always willing to work early morning cleanings and manages to keep consistent high quality with long routes.

She not only gets her job done, but she also does it with a smile on her face. Not to mention, she is also well liked by her co-workers. Furthermore, she takes personal satisfaction and pride in pleasing our customers.  Congratulations, Elvia and thank you for your dedicated service. You truly deserve the title, Employee of the Year 2014.

At our year end company celebration, we also awarded our new hire of 2013; Mariana Arredondo who started with us in October.  In just a couple of months of employment, she has become a tremendous asset to our team with her positive attitude and high quality and detailed oriented cleaning skills.  Our December employee of the month award goes to April Allen. She, who after an almost her 10-year stay with the company has a great attitude and is constantly happy to offer a helping hand.

Good employees are what keeps any business running efficiently and on course. I realize that Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ would not be the success it is today without my team. It is one of the many reasons why I always take time to appreciate my staff.  Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ celebrates the wins of each month at our end of month celebrations. Additionally, we have regular team meetings and try to build up team work with several programs during the year.  As a result, we are even launching a get fit program this month.
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