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Clean & Simple Cleaning Approach to Cleaning a Room

What is the best approach to cleaning a room?  Of course, there are several different ways, but after over 20 years in the house cleaning industry, here are the Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ recommendations to save time on cleaning and being efficient in your house cleaning efforts.

Clean & Simple Approach to Cleaning a Room

Gather all supplies needed for a job.

  • Make sure to have many rags for use with different cleaners and different rooms.
  • Have long extension cords, so you don’t have to replug.
  • Use a caddy and an apron, so supplies are handy.

Be systematic and orderly.

  • Move around the room clockwise until you reach the middle.  It will allow one to clean all sections of the chamber, without retracing steps.
  • Start at the very top and move towards the bottom of the room. Do the Vacuuming towards the end of cleaning.

 Remember the finishing touches.

  •  Fluff the pillows, straighten the books and blankets and just having everything  display properly to indeed make a room feel complete.

Stay motivated.

  • Turn music on and keep the tv and phone off.
  • Do it with someone, as people say, more hands make lighter loads.

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