Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ June 2013 Newsletter

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Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ June 2013 Newsletter

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Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ June 2013 Newsletter

It was just an ordinary sunny Thursday when I left my house through the front door to go to work.  I did not set the alarm because the window washer was coming so I would be back shortly.  As I was leaving my basement, I had eye contact with a man and felt uncomfortable because he didn’t belong nor had I ever seen him before.  I kept driving to work.

Shortly, I got a call from my window washer requesting a reschedule.  I got a text that my daughter was being picked up from school and I decided I would just stay at the office and work as my son would be at football camp.

I returned home about 5 pm and as normal, entered the house through my garage.  As I made my way through my house, I dismissed a few thoughts. My kitchen was messier than I remember. I thought I locked the back slider, my gamin and heart rate monitor weren’t where they were supposed to be. Moreover, my bedroom was a real mess.  I know I own a house cleaning company, but we live busy lives, and just like everyone else, we can get scattered, after all, I have two teenage kids.

Suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks and stared into my master bathroom.  Someone removed my safe from my closet, and everything was missing!  My heart sank, and my hands started shaking.  I immediately called 911 and then went through the house with different eyes. It was shocking. They were good.  They knew exactly how to find stuff.  Jewelry, sporting good equipment and electronic gadgets….ALL GONE! Someone burglarized my house.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I have been in business for over 20 years and had a few phone calls from clients, who have had this same thing happen to them.  The police stated that there has been an influx of robberies in the area and that these were professionals.  You never think it can happen to you, but when it does, it feels incredibly personal and unsettling that the place you are to feel safest was attacked.

They are highly skilled at turning our lives upside down! Please remove your safe and your valuables from obvious places like your master bedroom, bathroom or home office. The police say most people keep their valuables in the same places as everyone else.

If you see someone walking in your neighborhood in the middle of the day that looks like they don’t belong they most likely don’t. Call the police or hang around until they leave.

The blessing was the window washer, my daughter and I was redirected, and my son was at football camp.  so no one came home in the middle of the break-in which could have made this horrible act much worse.

We have gathered several more tips on how to protect yourself from burglaries that we will be sharing on our blog over the next few weeks.  Check out the first one here.

Stacie McMillan

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