Clean and Simple Cleaning™ Summer Newsletter

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Clean and Simple Cleaning™ Summer Newsletter

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Just over three years ago, I got myself talked into trying a “Try-a-Tri” triathlon in beautiful Lake Chelan. I had never even considered “swimming” as an activity I would do as part of my athletic adventures.  But, what the heck!

I signed up and learned how to swim!  The next summer, I did an Olympic distance triathlon, and then last fall did my first “half iron” distance triathlon.  I guess it can be an addiction of some sort.  At any rate when IRONMAN Canada announced moving its location to my favorite ski resort I thought….I must give this a shot!

Wow! IRONMAN in beautiful Whistler BC.  So, the “buzz” went full circle, and at least 20 of us from Mukilteo/Edmonds area all signed up the same day registration opened.  Thank you endurance sports NW for creating a real “club” like feeling where I got to meet other nut cases…LoL.

Training  for IRONMAN Canada has been exhausting, fun and a tremendous learning experience.  I think the biggest surprise and most challenging part for me has been the nutrition aspect of the sport.  Nutrition is huge for longer endurance and is very calculated for each. To get through a 15 hour + event, you need consistent nutrition but different types during different parts.  Every body is different, and I had to learn to listen to my body and figure out how different foods and supplements impact it.  Dehydration is not fun either….does not work well for me anyway!

I am excited to participate in the Ironman.  Races especially the huge ones like this one, is when you completely feel your fitness come together.  Plus, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I was nervous too.  I am nervous about all the things that can go wrong….a lot of stuff could go wrong.

I have anxiety about the water, and the crowd in the swim during this sold out event!  Additionally, I also know that I have put in the training, am physically capable and mentally healthy.  Furthermore, I am prepared and worked hard to get to this point and am ready to participate in Ironman Canada on August 25th with my bib # 896.

Consequently, in honor of my participating in the Ironman triathlon, we at Clean and Simple Cleaning™ have put together two special promotions.  Please visit our specials page on cleanandsimplecleaning.com, to find out more about our Triathlon of Savings promotion (Don’t worry – there is not a 112-mile bike ride involved, but the finisher medal is worth 30% off your next cleaning!) and our Where is Stacie? A Facebook contest where you could win a free house cleaning.

This will be an especially significant event to celebrate my 50th birthday just five days later, and it has been wonderful bonding time with my younger sister as she is also participating in this event.

It will be her third Ironman!  I was telling our mother she would be about 4 hours ahead of me and she said: “why”?  REALLY????  She is done it for years, and she is younger was my response.  My goal? To FINISH!