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The ‘Why’ of Clean and Simple Cleaning ™


I think that most people could spend less than 5 minutes on our website and figure out the who, what, when, where and how in regards to Clean and Simple Cleaning ™, but could they answer the why?  I hope so, but it can be difficult to convey.

My favorite quote when my kids were in preschool was, ‘Good Moms have Sticky Floors, Piles of Laundry and Happy Kids!‘  It gave me grace when my floors didn’t shine, and I was too tired and exhausted to do anything about it.  I knew my primary job was taken care of and that my kids felt love.  Now that my kids are a little older and we are all sleeping through the night, I want it all!  I want time for my children and myself AND a clean house.

Kids grow up way to fast.  My advice to moms has always been, enjoy every stage your child is in. It is because it will just be a ‘remember when’ very soon.  I want to be at all of their ball games. Help them with school projects. Moreover, be with them,  just curling up with them on the couch. However, I also want a clean house.  Since I haven’t figured out how to clone myself (and seriously, don’t think I haven’t tried) and I value my sleep, I have maid service.

I don’t want to scrub toilets instead of going to the park.  I don’t want to feel guilty when my floors are dirty, and I leave to go to a taekwondo tournament.  If you put the cost of having a clean house, being able to enjoy my kids like I want, being a little less overwhelmed with life, the cost is minimal to the value it provides.

I feel lucky to work at Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ because at all levels of the company from the owner, Stacie McMillan to the cleaning technicians and the office staff the ‘why’ we are in business is not only understood it is believed.

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ is here to give you back your time. It is so you can spend it doing the things you enjoy.  We do not look at the houses we clean as mere buildings. We, instead, see them as the people who live in them.  So however you want to spend your time, remember your time is valuable and our time is affordable.

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