Decorating with Photographs

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Decorating with Photographs

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Adding personal touches to your home decor helps turn a house into a home, there is nothing more personal than family photos.

Decorating with photographs can easily fit into any design scheme and style.  Photos tell a story about our lives and family and truly add beauty and energy to every home.

According to Urban Utopia Photography’s, owner and photographer, Dana McGlocklin, “The best advice I can give for what “type” of photos to have in your home is the simplest..what makes you happy? What makes you think?”

Reflect on the room itself and what feeling you would like to create and pick images that portray that.  The number of photos you display in a room or the size depends on the space.  Large photos can add a dramatic impact, but sometimes a grouping of photos tell the story better than just one image.  “I have never had a client wish they would have ordered a smaller photograph but have had some wish they would have spent the money for a larger print,” added McGlocklin.

One of the hardest things about decorating with photographs in your house is deciding how often you should change them out.  “As a professional photographer who balances images throughout her home between posed, editorial and lifestyle photos of my kids, family, and surroundings, I’m constantly updating. Which means other rooms and hallways are always getting additions,” states McGlocklin.  Another way to handle updating photos but still being able to keep your favorites close by is having coffee table books made.

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Portrait photography trends change frequently.  According to McGlocklin, “lifestyle photography seems to be very popular right now. Real moments. Daily memories. Having a photo on the dining room wall of your family making pizza, for instance, is a conversation piece as well as a memory.”

It all goes back to the feeling and mood you want to create in a room. The story you want to share not only with people who visit your home but your family as well.  Seeing your family posing perfectly in a traditional family picture is special, but also seeing your family working and laughing together provokes a feeling, memory, it tells a story.  Decorating with photographs is an excellent way to make your house, your home.

Urban Utopia Photography is a local, on-location, natural light custom photographer.

They strive to provide a unique session to every client as well as a consistently fun and professional experience.  Please visit their website and facebook page for more information and to see a sampling of their work.