Determine Frequency of Housecleaning

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Determine Frequency of Housecleaning

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The question of frequency of housecleaning is often asked when inquiring about house cleaning services and honestly it does not have a one size fits all answer.  You need to consider your life and your family’s needs.

House cleaning service should work into your life making it simpler. So, as you decide the frequency, think what you are looking for and what you are used to.  Through the past 20+ years, we have found the following things helpful to clients when determining the frequency of cleaning for their homes.

How to Determine Frequency of Housecleaning

Current Cleaning Routine

Take a realistic look at how often you really clean your home now.  If you are only getting to the bathrooms once a month then a three week rotation might be a good fit.  If you have health issues, such as asthma, in your household then you might want to consider a weekly rotation.  Somewhere in the middle?  Bi-weekly rotations are the most common.

In-Between Cleaning Maintenance

Does your family add to the mess or help keep it clean?  This is important. Because it will  help you figure out how much time and effort you will need to put into your home in between cleanings.  If your family is adding to the mess, then increasing the frequency of your housecleaning might eliminate some frustration.  If you are lucky to have a family who consistently helps you with household chores, then having help with the major cleaning less frequently might be a better option for you.


It would be nice if money wasn’t an issue in decision making, but for most of us that isn’t the case.  Frequency in cleanings will change the cost.  For instance a 3 week rotation cleaning will cost more per visit than a weekly cleaning due to cleaning rotations and attention to detail.  The level of service will also affect price so consider the items you want to have included in your service and make sure that you clearly state them to any and all cleaning services you are working with.

The good news is that you should easily be able to change your housecleaning frequency. Most especially if you end up not happy with your first choice.  So do not fret. Over determining the frequency of housecleaning too much and move forward with the decision to hire a professional housecleaning service for that decision we don’t think you will ever regret.