Dusting Tips – Easy Pointers to Keep Your Home Clean and Neat

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Dusting Tips – Easy Pointers to Keep Your Home Clean and Neat

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Dusting should be a regular chore as it protects your family and household surfaces.  Hopefully, with our tips for dusting, the task will become easier and more efficient.

Dust is composed of items like human skin cells, fabric fibers, pet dander, dust mite excrement, as well as dirt and debris tracking inside.  Dust not only makes your home look dirty but causes scratches and damage to surfaces and can cause allergy and breathing concerns for some individuals.

Clean and Simple Cleaning™’s Dusting Tips

We recommend microfiber cloths for dusting.  It was for this purpose why scientist created Microfiber cloths.

Electrically-charged, microfiber cloths pick up dust instead of pushing it around as other ordinary cloths can do.  However, they are not magic materials. So you still need to make sure you are using the right technique.

Dust from top to bottom and left to right.  It is our motto for cleaning a room in general and stays right to dusting as well.  You should also start in the back and move forward and make sure you cover every part of the surface you are dusting.

It is not recommended to use furniture polish with the microfiber cloths.  However, some dusting jobs might require the use of polish.  Remember, do not use too much furniture polish as it causes build up.  The saying “a little goes a long way” rings true with furniture polish.  We use an industrial/commercial brand, but for choosing a brand at the store, we have found the biggest difference to be in the smell. So, it is a personal preference.

Dusting electronic appliances and furniture should take place weekly.  Duste door frames, ceiling fans, baseboards, and the like every two weeks. Alternatively, as long as there are not any major allergy issues, do it as needed

Another tip for dusting intricate knick knacks and decor is to use a clean paint brush, similar to how we recommended its use when detailing a car.

To remove cob webs from walls especially corners and high light fixtures, we recommend long dusters with a multi-flex all purpose duster.  These are bendable to allow you to get into all the tight spots and the covers are machine washable.

Leave a comment with any other dusting tips or questions about dusting!

Of course, if you just don’t want to worry about dusting your house, call us or fill out an online estimate form for regular service.  After all, your time is precious and our time is affordable.