Clean and simple cleaning services

Employee recognition program’s make for quality cleaning services

Clean and Simple Cleaning ™ knows the importance of quality employees and quality cleaning services. Our intensive hiring process is one of the reasons

Yusely is passionate and one of our most dedicated employees. Yusely received the employee of the month award several times in the last few years. She acquired it for providing exceptional quality cleaning services.

Why our quality out does our competitors. However, we also believe employee recognition is essential in having a successful business.

Every month, for our employee recognition program we name one of our excellent employees “The Employee of the Month.”

During this celebration, we provide treats and let the crew members mingle and relax. We then name the honoree and explain to the team what they did to deserve the honor of being Employee of the Month. This individual receives a gift certificate to a local restaurant, and their picture hung on the wall.

To become the employee of the month, you must have good attendance, provide quality cleaning services to our clients, come to work prepared, and follow a few other guidelines for proper employee behavior. We know our employees appreciate our employee recognition program and that is one of the reasons they work so hard to provide quality cleaning services to our customers. During the holiday season owner, Stacie McMillan, treats all of the employees to a holiday party at a nice local restaurant. Here she gives everyone a gift and gets to mingle and talk with the crew. Having a team that enjoys working for you is a big first step to providing quality cleaning services.

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