Free House Cleaning For a Year – Deannie Douglas Award

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Free House Cleaning For a Year – Deannie Douglas Award

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Our 2nd annual Deanie Douglas House Cleaning Award… October 2012 will give one woman Free house cleaning for an entire year! This one is the Story of Deannie Douglas.

Deanie Douglas was an amazing woman.  I could write on and on about the impact she had on the many lives she touched.  Aside from being a lifelong family friend of my parents, Deanie Douglas took me under her wing of inspiration and encouragement and believed in me.

She encouraged me in business and to stretch my wings and have faith in many areas of my life.  Deanie was simply a gift from God.

Deanie had three kids, including a daughter named Stacy, my age, and a granddaughter.  Tragic things happened to the Douglas family. Over the course of six years she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, lost her husband Don and her daughter, Stacy, was killed in a car accident.  The most amazing thing about Deanie was that she was always upbeat.  She never seemed defeated.  Deannie could see God’s blessings in every single tragedy or hurdle.

She fought her cancer for six years before passing July 4, 2003. Amazingly through treatments and other tragedies she was still giving blessings of encouragement to everyone involved in her life.  You could not have a visit with Deanie and not laugh.  She joked about everything and made everything funny.

When people have bad things happen or get sick, sometimes we just don’t know what to do.  I offered to clean Deanie’s home as a gift.  She was thrilled and raved about how great the cleanings made her feel.  It was all I could do to deal with my own grief and feel good about giving back.  Deannie touched my life.

 Deanie Douglas was an amazing woman who lost her battle to cancer after six hard years. She inspired owner Stacie McMillan to award one woman, battling with cancer free house cleaning for a year.

Deanie is a big part of why I got involved with supporting the launch of Cleaning for a Reason, a nonprofit organization that started from our national convention in Chicago of 2006. We became a charter supporter of this organization.  This group started with the support of just a few handfuls of maid services across the country, and today HUNDREDS of residential cleaning services in more than 40 US states and Canada commits to provide benevolence cleaning to women who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  We are all happy to do our part and support Cleaning for a Reason.  For more information regarding this foundation and to help the hundreds of maid services that give their own time and resources to provide quality free house cleaning, please visit Cleaning For A Reason’s Website.

Today we offer service several Cleaning for Reason recipients a month, along with other benevolence free house cleaning in remembrance of those whose families have to give every ounce of energy to fight this awful and frightening disease.  If we can give a simple peace of mind to them by adding just a sparkle of cleanliness to their homes…it makes us smile.  So, when you call our office to nominate your friend or relative who is battling breast cancer and would be a good candidate for free house cleaning for a year, and have a few questions, remember our friendly operations manager, and a great friend of mine, Janet Swett, is also a SURVIVOR.

Please call our office for more information in nominating a recipient for our 2nd annual Deanie Douglas House Cleaning Award. Free house cleaning for a YEAR!