Halloween Cleaning: Scary Good Tricks to Resolve the Dirtiest of Halloween Fun


Halloween Cleaning: Scary Good Tricks to Resolve the Dirtiest of Halloween Fun


Halloween is one of the most fun nights of the year, but like many fun things, it often comes with a mess. Whether you have a mess left over from trick or treating the neighborhood kids’ pranks or if you just need to get your house reset before or after a Halloween party, below are some of our best Halloween cleaning tips.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #1: How to Dispose of Rotting Pumpkins

If your pumpkins have been sitting on your porch for a few weeks, chances are they’re getting pretty disgusting, unless you preserved them. Dispose of the pumpkins either in the garbage or in your composter.

If the pumpkins left behind a moldy residue on your wooden porch or stool, you can squirt toothpaste onto a damp washcloth. Rub the toothpaste into the stain and then clean with soap and warm water.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #2: Cleaning Up After a Halloween Party

Halloween parties can leave a big mess. If you served food and beverages, you likely have a big cleanup on your hands. You may even have spills and stains to deal with. After picking up the trash and giving everything a thorough clean, check for stains.

You can remove costume makeup stains with a mix of water, alcohol, and dish detergent. Use a cloth to blot the stains and avoid rubbing.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #3: How to Get Out Chocolate Stains

Did your little monsters get candy on your clothing, carpet or upholstery? Cleaning up after your little ones doesn’t have to be a terror.

To remove chocolate stains:

  • For clothing: Wet and use a sponge to dab. Then use a clothing stain remover. For stubborn stains, let it soak in an oxygen-based bleach solution for six hours.
  • For carpet and upholstery: Using a washcloth, apply a mixture of water and dish washing liquid to the stain. For carpet, you may soak the stain for a few minutes. On upholstery, wipe from the outside in.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #4: What to Do if You Get TP’ed

Getting TP’ed is funny in the moment, but it can be a pain to clean up. Above all else, try to get it cleaned up before it rains. Most of it can be picked up by hand, but if it’s high in your trees, you’ll have to do a little extra.

You can use a rake to help you get it down. Just don’t tug too hard. If you tear it, you’ll have to get a ladder. You can also use a leaf blower to help you clear up.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #5: How to Get Eggs Off Your House or Car

If you get egged, you need to clean up as soon as possible. As the eggs dry and bake in the sun, they can stain your siding or mess up the paint on your car. Grab your hose. Start by spraying the eggs from the bottom to loosen and then spray from the top until they slide away.

If the eggs are particularly stubborn, use a solution of cool water and soap. Scrub away with a brush.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #6: Cleaning Up the Glitter Trail Left by Costumes

Glitter is perhaps one of the most challenging things to clean. You sweep and vacuum, but it never seems to completely go away. You may find leftover Halloween glitter when you’re putting out your Christmas decorations.

For hard surfaces, dusting wipes can be helpful. If you still have glitter, try silly putty or tape.

If the glitter is on your carpet or furniture, start by vacuuming. If the glitter persists, use a lint roller or a carpet broom and then vacuum again. Masking tape can also help lift the excess. If it’s still bad, trying rubbing an inflated balloon over the area. Static electricity can attract glitter.


Halloween Cleaning Tip #7: Tough Cleans Like Gum and Wax

Gum and wax can be especially annoying to clean. If you have gum stuck to fabric or carpet, use a sealed bag of ice to get the gum cold. Next, use a scraper to lift the gum. If the gum left a stain, you’ll need to use a stain remover made for the fabric.

If you have wax on your wood floors, use the ice method and scrape it away. If it’s on the carpet, place a cloth over the spot and use an iron to heat. It’ll transfer to the cloth. You can also use ice and then break up the frozen clump.


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