HCT Certified Residential Cleaning Professionals


HCT Certified Residential Cleaning Professionals


Hiring a professional cleaning company to clean your home does not mean you are just hiring someone to do the tasks that you don’t want to do. You are hiring professional cleaners who are trained to clean your home efficiently and thoroughly, using the most advanced techniques and equipment available.

Most professional cleaning companies have trained employees who come into your home to clean, but how do you know you are getting the most highly trained professional cleaners to make your home shine?

A cleaning company with the HCT (House Cleaning Technician) Certified cleaning designation has the highest standards of cleaning you can expect in the entire industry. They don’t just know how to clean a home— they know the science behind the cleaning as well.

What HCT Certification Teaches

HCT Certification goes deeper than just teaching professional cleaners proper methods of cleaning and more efficient processes. The course for HCT Certification dives into the microbiology and chemistry behind the soil and messes that will be found in homes.

This clarifies the processes for cleaning the different soil throughout a home— cleaners with HCT certification have a better understanding of why different methods are required to treat different messes. For example, the kind of soil you find in a bathroom is biologically different than what you find in a kitchen; therefore, you need to clean it differently to ensure sanitation.

HCT Certification gives cleaners the ability to identify and care for the many different kinds of materials that make up a home. The way a cleaner cares for leather is different than the protocol for cleaning, say, fabric upholstery. Here’s a short list of the materials HTC certified cleaners learn about:

• Natural Stone
• Wood Flooring
• Bamboo and Cork
• Laminates
• Clay
• Tile and Grout
• Concrete
• Resilient Flooring
• Vinyl
• Vinyl Asbestos
• Linoleum
• Rubber
• Carpet
• Countertops and Cabinets
• Glass  Fixtures
• Metals
• Stainless Steel
• Paint
• Wallpaper

There is a good chance that homeowners themselves don’t know the proper way to clean bamboo fixtures, but your HCT certified cleaning professional will!

The Health Of Your Home

When they decide to hire a professional cleaning company, most people think about how much time they’ll save— and that is absolutely true. You will take back hours a week, time you can spend doing something you love rather than cleaning. However, you might be surprised to learn that the biggest impact hiring a professional cleaner will have is on the health of your home. A cleaning company with an HCT Certification will keep your home the healthiest environment possible for you and your family.

The HCT Certification course teaches professional cleaners about microbes and pathogens, and how hygienic cleaning can break the chain of infection. They also go over the safe practices for the cleaner, and the importance of washing hands between rooms to prevent cross-contamination from one room to the next.

Trusting The Company You Hired

When you hire a professional cleaning company for residential cleaning, you are putting a lot of trust in the people that are coming to clean your home. In most cases, you won’t be home when they clean. You need the company you work with to perform background checks on their employees. Additionally, the company needs to be bonded and insured so you won’t be financially liable for any accident that may happen while they are in your home.

If the cleaning company you hire is HCT Certified, you have the added reassurance that they have been highly trained in workplace safety, specifically safety while cleaning residential homes. They’re well versed in the use of chemicals and the reading of labels for safe use around people and animals. They know how to properly use their equipment and they’re educated on the standards of safety when using plugs and ladders. They even know the proper personal protective equipment they should use. You can rest assured that they will not only know how to protect your property, but they will be able to protect themselves as well.

How to Find An HCT Certified Cleaning Company

If you are ready to hire a company that stands out from all the rest, hiring a company with an HCT Certified employees is your first step. You can use the Association of Residential Cleaning Companies International (ARCI) to search for an HCT Certified company near you.

You would hire a professional to ensure your oil is changed correctly; the same principle applies when it’s time to hire someone to clean your house. It’s not just about saving time. It’s about getting the highest quality clean possible in your home, allowing you and your family to live in a clean and healthy environment.

If you’re looking for a residential cleaning company in and around Lynnwood, Washington, you’ll be working with the best when you hire Clean & Simple. Our customer service team members are standing by to give you your complimentary cleaning quote for your home. Let us start cleaning your home, and you get to living your happier, and healthier life!