This Is Why You Should Get Your Holiday Cleaning Done Early

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This Is Why You Should Get Your Holiday Cleaning Done Early

by | CLEANING TIPS | 0 comments

The holiday season is officially here! When we go to bed on October 31st it is Halloween and autumn is still in the air. When we wake up on November 1st the world is transformed into a winter holiday land. Everywhere you look– store windows, TV commercials, the radio– tells you it’s time to celebrate the holidays!

It is an exciting and happy time, but also a very busy one. It’s a time for office parties, “friendsgiving,” extended family celebrations, gifts to buy, things to bake, putting up decorations and taking part in traditions. With all of these extra activities, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning your house.

Even if you’re not hosting the holidays this year, finding the time to keep your home clean can be a challenge. Whether you are hosting for each of the upcoming holidays or just planning one party for your friends or family, there is an added level of stress to your regular cleaning.

Why not take this time to get some holiday cleaning help?

Hire Out Your Holiday Cleaning and Enjoy the Holidays

Hosting holiday festivities can be great fun. You get to plan menus, send out invitations, decorate, cook, bake, and find fun things for your parties. Unfortunately, all this fun comes with a heaping helping of work! All of a sudden, you might start noticing all the extra cleaning your home needs— just before your guests arrive.

When was the last time you wiped down your kitchen cabinets? How long has that cobweb been on the entryway chandelier? All of a sudden, your fun party planning is becoming more stressful than fun.

Let a professional cleaning team help you find your way back to the fun! Many people take advantage of the help that residential cleaners provide all year round. Adding an extra cleaning during the holidays to ensure their home is clean, healthy, and welcoming to all those they are hosting removes a lot of the pressure associated with the season.

Areas That Should Be Cleaned During Holiday Cleaning

We all have areas of our home that just don’t get cleaned as often as the rest. The seldom-used guest bedrooms only get a quick tidy-up just before they are used (and again after the guests leave). Guest bathrooms may go a little longer between cleanings than bathrooms that are regularly used.

The entryway might be in need of some extra love from the higher-than-usual holiday traffic. The refrigerator (especially that extra one in the basement or garage!) could likely use a deep clean. The kitchen tends to be where the party lands— after all, that’s where your guests find all the delicious food! Your stove top and cabinets might be overdue for a good wipe down.

Talk to your professional cleaning teams about the areas you think need some extra holiday cleaning. Ask them for their recommendations. There might be an extra charge for cleaning blinds, baseboards, or the refrigerator, but it’s worth it to have your home looking its holiday best!

When Should You Do Your Holiday Cleaning?

When you do your holiday cleaning varies. It depends on the event as well as the people who live in your house. A good rule of thumb: Spread deep cleaning out over a week if you do it yourself. This will help you avoid the stress related to cleaning right before the party or holiday. You can do all the normal cleaning in a morning or afternoon and not be pressed for time as you try completing the long list of “extras” you hope to squeeze in.

There’s one important thing to remember when you hire a professional cleaning company to do your holiday cleaning: Book early. You’re not the only one who thinks it might be a lot easier to get through the season with a professional tackling your cleaning list! If you already have a regular professional house cleaning done, but want to book an extra holiday cleaning, make sure you call early so there is still room on the schedule for your specific day or days.

You might consider treating yourself to a post-holiday cleaning, too. After your big event, after the holiday celebration is over, and after all the decorations come down, you’ll be left with a mess. Booking your post-holiday cleaning early ensures you’ll get the clean home you love back a lot faster.

Clean & Simple is offering all clients who already have recurring cleanings scheduled 10% OFF an extra holiday cleaning this season! Call our customer service team today to book your extra holiday cleaning and then relax— your home will be ready for all the holiday cheer!