Tis the season for holiday parties!  Holiday parties (or any kind of party for that matter) should be about being together.  Are you hosting your annual holiday party this year? Then, you should not miss these easy holiday hosting tips to make your holiday party easier and stress-free!

Holiday Hosting Tips

  • Plan your menu around do-ahead recipes, store bought complimentary items and think of finger-foods!
    • It allows you to enjoy your time with your guests. Plus, it lets you not to spend all your time just preparing food. Furthermore, it also eliminates the need for utensils, meaning less cleanup.
  • Limit what beverages you serve.
    • If you are serving alcohol, find one easy-to-prepare cocktail and have it be the party’s signature drink. Then, have beer and wine available.
  • Manage the mood with lighting and music.
    • Use candles and tape light and dimmer switches so they cannot accidentally be bumped.  To be festive but not over the top, mix traditional holiday songs with your favorite tunes in a ratio of 3 to 10.
  • Thinking of the details of the logistics is genuinely helpful.
    • Rent a coat rack for your guest’s jackets (nicer than piling them on your bed). Also, have a large plastic container with warm, soapy water in the kitchen to soak dishes. Additionally, have color coded garbage bags for recycling, yard waste and garbage.  Furthermore, consider rearranging the furniture in your space strategically. It allows the flow and movement of guests and includes more seating if needed.
  • Let your guest know when it is time for the party to end.
    • You can let your guests know by lowering the music or blowing out some candles. You also can start the cleanup process.  Picking things up during the party will not only make the job easier later, but it just might get you some help. Consider having takeout boxes on hand to send extras home with your guests.
  • Don’t feel as if all of party clean up needs to happen that same night.
    • Get things picked up and all in one place.  It will be easier to tackle the mess if it is centralized in one place.  Spot check carpets and furniture for any stains which need attention right away.  Then go to bed and start fresh in the morning.

These holiday hosting tips will help alleviate the stress and allow you to enjoy your guests while still throwing a fruitful and festive party.

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