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House Cleaning Tip: Homemade Furniture Polish


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House Cleaning Tip

Homemade Furniture Polish

Making your own “green” furniture polish is quick and easy!

By adding just a few drops of oil to 1/4 cup of vinegar, you can produce a far much better wood cleaner and furniture polish. The vinegar extracts the grime out of the wood, and the few drops of oil lubricate the furniture so that it does not dry out.

The ideal type of oils to make use of is the ones that have the longest storage life. One great example is Olive oil, as it has a long shelf life and it works well with this kind of mixture. Although, the best choice of all is the liquid wax jojoba because this particular one never goes rancid. Best of all, you can find it in most health food stores.

Organic apple cider vinegar is the great choice of the vinegar to use. Although, it is not usually recommended for general cleaning. Because using it can potentially cause staining on some furniture. If you are cleaning furniture and fixtures that could stain, we recommend using white distilled vinegar. Additionally, if you want a fruity scent, you can substitute lemon juice for the vinegar.

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