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Hooray, it’s May! Hooray!

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Hooray, it’s May! Hooray! And it is Mother’s Day!!

Hooray,  it’s May! Hooray! That means April showers are behind us and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Stumped for a way to honor that all-important woman in your life? Don’t think you need to spend a bundle on a gift. Here are a few thoughtful, budget-friendly, out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas any mom would love.

Best Mother’s Day Checklist

 Plan an outing. Pack a picnic lunch and go for a scenic drive or a walk in the park.
 Bake her a cake or a batch of her favorite cookies.
 Write her a silly poem.
 Forget about brunch in a crowded restaurant. Let her sleep in and make her pancakes or French toast at home instead.
 Gift her with a year’s worth of I.O.MOMs— vouchers she can redeem for services you will provide: doing the laundry, washing the car, making dinner, walking the dog, weeding the flower beds, hosing the deck.
 Surprise her with tickets to a concert, a play or the ballet.
 Give her the gift of professional housecleaning! Clean & Simple offers gift cards in any dollar amount or number of hours you choose.

Accomplish the list, and sure enough, your mom or spouse would be shouting hooray, it’s May!

From Clean and Simple Cleaning ™, we wish all mothers an advanced happy mother’s day!

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