House Cleaning Checklist

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House Cleaning Checklist

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Every household has to maintain some type of routine to stay organized from what’s for dinner, where each family member is going and of course keeping the house clean.

There are cleaning chores that need to be done daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally to best promote a clean and healthy lifestyle. Over the next few weeks we will unveil our house cleaning checklists for each of these categories starting off with monthly as we find those are the hardest to stay on top of.

Here is our monthly house cleaning checklist for each room and throughout the house. Comment if there are others you like to include as we are always reviewing and updating our lists.

Monthly House Cleaning Checklist


  • Wipe insides of medicine cabinets.


  • Launder duvet covers, mattress pads, and shams.
  • Flip Mattresses


  • Organize shelves.
  • Dust shelves and storage bins.
  • Vacuum floors and baseboards.


  • Clean refrigerator.
  • Discard food in the freezer that’s past its prime.
  • Organize pantry and cabinets.

Living Room:

  • Vacuum fireplace screen.

Utility Spaces:

  • Vacuum floors.
  • Wipe insides and outsides of trash and recycling bins.

Throughout the House:

  • Dust portable and ceiling fans.
  • Flush drains with vinegar, boiling water, and baking soda.
  • Vacuum window treatments and windowsills.
  • Wipe interior and exterior doors and trim.
  • Change or clean the filters on heating and cooling systems.
  • Clean light fixtures


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