Are all House Cleaning Companies the same?


Are all House Cleaning Companies the same?


The short answer to the question..’Aren’t all house cleaning companies the same?’ Is no.  But, let me expound.  House cleaning is a true-professional service that requires training, a knowledge base, and an understanding of both techniques and solutions.

There are different types of housecleaning companies and their goals, abilities and services vary greatly.  There are individuals, independent contractors, franchisees or independent companies ranging in size. Furthermore, of course, there are benefits and risks to each of these options.

Here are some items that one should consider when choosing a housecleaning company. Which, will certainly affect experience and value received.

Proper Training Program

Ask about training. Consumers want to make sure their homes actually get sanitized.  There are proper protocols. If not followed properly, the home might just smell clean but not actually disinfected. Furthermore, there are different cleaning solutions that one can use on certain surfaces. All to fully clean or protect it against damage.  You want to make sure your cleaning technician knows and understands all the fundamentals of cleaning not just how to wipe down a countertop.

Do they have any HCT Certified Cleaning Technicians on staff? 
 HCT Certification consists of attending a House Cleaning Technician course which provides a knowledge and understanding through the application of science and proven methods for proper cleaning maintenance of a residential home. To earn the certification an exam must be passed.  

Dedication to the Industry

Dedication to your trade says a lot about how you are going to approach customer service and level of quality.  The only national professional association for owners of residential cleaning services is ARCSI.  Membership in this organization demonstrates a commitment to the ethical standards of ARCSI and providing the most professional service possible for the purpose of improving the standards of quality work and service in the residential cleaning industry.

Flexibility/Consistency with Scheduling

When receiving regular house cleaning service, there will be times when you will have special requests, need to change your cleaning schedules yet you will always want your cleanings consistent.  This is a reasonable expectation.  Verify that you will easily be able to reach someone and communicate with them about all cleanings.  Also, find out how often a company initiates rescheduling of cleanings and what their policy is on all rescheduling; company and customer initiated.

Quality of Service

It is important that the quality is present in every single cleaning.  Ask how they monitor quality and about employee incentives.  If a company is taking care of their employees then their employees will take great care of your home.  Homes should be quality checked from time to time and training should be on-going.

Is their a guarantee on the work completed?

Comparing companies using these criteria will quickly make consumers realize that not all cleaning companies are the same.  Decide what is important to you, research a few companies and you will have an easier time to figuring out the right house cleaning service for you.

If you are in the north King county or Snohomish county, give Clean and Simple Cleaning™ a call.  We would love to tell you about our company.  If not, check out the ARCSI Member Search.