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How to Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning Service

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Blog Post 3-28-19

Everyone wants to get the most value for the money they’re spending, and it’s no different with a cleaning service. Our cleaning technicians have a limited time to spend at your home, and that time can be spent either tidying up or cleaning.  To make sure the time spent at your home is productive cleaning time, we have put together a few tips to make sure you are getting the most from your home cleaning:

  • Respect your cleaning technician’s time constraints – Be aware that techs have a specific schedule to keep and other homes to clean before the end of the day.  If you are present for the cleaning, please allow techs to focus on their jobs as much as possible.
  • Dishes – Unless specifically requested, we don’t normally do dishes. Your techs might go above and beyond and load your dishwasher for you, but this could take away cleaning time from other areas in the kitchen.  If dishes are put up and counters are clear, there will be more time to focus on cleaning.
  • Bathroom vanities – Put personal products in drawers or cabinets so counter tops are more accessible.
  • Floors – Make sure floors are clear and all items are picked up before cleanings.  Coins, hair pins, and sharp object on carpets can potentially break or damage our vacuums, which again takes away from time spent cleaning.  In entryways, having a designated basket for shoes can be very helpful for quick pick up.
  • Pets – Our techs love your pets!  However, if you know you have a skittish or less friendly pet, it will be much less stressful both for our techs and your pet if the pet is either in a room we don’t clean, or out of the home during the cleaning.  Additionally, we do not handle animal (or human) waste.
  • Furniture – Keep in mind that we don’t normally move furniture, unless it is light enough for one person to move safely.  We don’t want to damage your floors or our backs.  If you want a hard-to-reach area cleaned, consider moving items out of the way ahead of time.
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