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Increase Your Efficiency in the Kitchen with 3 Pantry Organization Tips

Here are three Pantry Organization Tips to increase your efficiency in the kitchen.  Having an organized pantry will save you time and money since you will no longer waste time to search for items or waste money on buying duplicates of items.

Pantry Organization Tips

1. Remove everything from the shelves of your pantry, so you can easily start sorting the items and thoroughly wipe down all of the shelves including the corners.

2. Next, begin to sort by grouping like items together; such as baking supplies, kids lunch box items, etc…  Make sure to get rid of any items that are expired or suspicious looking. This will immediately free up some space in your pantry.

3. Place the grouped items into plastic trays or bins for easy access. Slide the bins/trays back into the pantry placing the most used items at eye level and in the front.  For some items, it might be easier to add shelves with different levels rather than trays or bins as it is easier to see all items when they are on tiered shelving.  Make sure to add labels to your bins. It to make it easier to keep liked items grouped and find the items quickly.

Another general guideline to increase efficiency in the kitchen is to add a shopping list pad of paper in the pantry, so you can quickly jot down those pantry staples you are running low on.  This will allow you to always have your pantry stocked with the desired items.

It doesn’t take too much time or energy to follow these pantry organization tips. However, in the long run, they will save you money and time making you more efficient and hopefully more at ease.

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