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House Cleaning Tip: Lemon Oil Duster

House Cleaning Tip: Lemon Oil Duster

Lemon Oil Duster is an awesome cleaning material to have especially if you have a lot of wooden furniture to clean. Most of the today’s commercially available lemon oil is not all natural but may also include petroleum distillates. Contact and connect with herbalists to acquire pure sources of lemon oil. Traditionally, the usage of lemon oil for furniture maintenance is highly recommended, because of its lubricating and antiseptic properties.

How to create Lemon Oil Duster


  • Ten (10) drops lemon oil
  • Two (2) tablespoons lemon juice
  • A few drops olive oil or jojoba


  • In a container, combine all the ingredients, and mix until the mixture is ready.
  • Soak a soft recycled cloth, such as one of flannel, in the lemon oil mixture, and wipe furniture. Repeat as necessary.
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