Local, women-owned small business, Clean and Simple Cleaning celebrates 30 years in business serving Snohomish and North King counties.

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Local, women-owned small business, Clean and Simple Cleaning celebrates 30 years in business serving Snohomish and North King counties.

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Promoting Work/Life Balance by both providing residential house cleaning services to clients along with being a compassionate employer offering growth and opportunity throughout the years has been owner, Stacie Sutton’s, driving force. 


LYNNWOOD,WA  – November 3, 2022  – Clean and Simple Cleaning, a residential and commercial cleaning company celebrates their 30th year in business.  Owner, Stacie Sutton, embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to serve others and started cleaning houses full time after leaving her corporate job.  ‘Going all in – can be scary, but I wanted to take control of my future and knew I had both the drive and work ethic to make this business work,’ reflects Sutton, ‘I wanted to find my own work/life balance, however, my passion to serve and help others has always been significant.’  

Over the years, Clean and Simple Cleaning grew in size and Sutton hired employees to do the cleaning and spent most of her time on marketing and human resources.  ‘There is a great responsibility as an employer, especially in the service industry to be fair and compassionate and ensure quality and trustworthiness on both the customer and employee sides.’  Sutton is most proud of her integrity and continued growth and success as she has balanced both.  

Her success is evident not simply because Clean and Simple Cleaning was able to sustain itself through two recessions and the height of the covid pandemic, but several of the clients from day one are still with the company and Sutton often hears from past employees expressing gratitude for their time at Clean and Simple.  ‘It is a joy to watch people grow and thrive both at Clean and Simple and beyond,’ states Sutton.  

One of those employees, Ezra Rash, believes what he learned during his Clean & Simple journey enabled him to propel himself to being a semester away from graduating law school. Rash shared, ‘Clean and Simple provided me support and encouragement. Having people believe in me when I wasn’t ready to fully believe in myself yet, encouraged and empowered me to pursue dreams that I otherwise wouldn’t have believed could be for me.’  

“Clean and Simple Cleaning at its base level is cleaning houses, but truly it is so much more.  It’s providing a service that promotes healthy living and time for families to spend together and to enjoy the activities they love,” shares Jen Hoerber, Business Manager. “We believe in its importance and strive to always improve.” 

Work/Life balance allows for a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle which has even become more prevalent after pandemic life.  Clean and Simple Cleaning was built on this foundation and has grown over the past 30 years and Sutton along with her employees believes and is motivated to keep growing and thriving in service to their employees and their clients.

Clean and Simple CleaningTM

Clean and Simple Cleaning is a woman-owned, local small business that has been serving Snohomish County for 30 years.  Our personalized residential and commercial service is backed with a 24-hour quality guarantee.  To find out more about our residential recurring service, one-time cleanings, move-in/out or commercial cleanings, visit www.CleanAndSimpleCleaning.com.  Call today to discuss our services in detail or book your cleaning at 425-673-4733.

Jen Renee Hoerber
Business Manager, Clean and Simple Cleaning
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