{Guest Blog} Maximize Your House Cleaning Experience

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{Guest Blog} Maximize Your House Cleaning Experience

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Call Clean and Simple Cleaning™ for all of your housecleaning needs, and I am sure you will be happy with our service.  There are a few things that you, as the homeowner, can do before the house cleaners get there to help us work more efficiently. So, you can maximize your house cleaning experience.

Clean – What does it mean?  The definition states clean is ‘free from dirt, unsoiled, unstained and free from pollution.’  Cleaning is a house cleaner’s job, and we go through training to be able to do it well and efficiently.  Picking up underwear and other items is not what we are there for, which brings us to my first tip.

Tip #1: Pick up all belongings and put them away.


As the saying goes: The more surfaces area that is free from items, the more surfaces that one can sanitize.  Besides wouldn’t you rather walk into not only a clean home after work but a neat and orderly home as well.  On top of that, if your house cleaners spend the time picking up belongings the less time your home is getting cleaned.

Tip #2: House cleaners prefer cleaning when nobody is home!

Understandably some people do not feel comfortable with people in their home when they are not there or need to work in their homes, which I understand.  However, if you can manage not being home during your house cleaning,


your house cleaners will thank you.  Going into your home with you there can make us feel uneasy since we are touching your belongings. Additionally, we are in a foreign place and we are trying to satisfy you the customer.  Even if you are not watching us, it can feel like you are and it can be stressful.  When no one is home, we can more comfortably focus at the task at hand; cleaning your home!

Tip #3:  Make things accessible.
We want to make each client happy and provide customized cleanings, so help us by making the things you want accessible.  If you want your garbage taken out, please leave out garbage bags or let us know where they are at.  We understand clients don’t want to throw a piece of garbage away only to find that there is not a garbage bag, but we need one left to be able to put one in.  Also make sure your main garbage bin is easy to find or let us know where it is.  If you want certain products used, leave them out where we can see them and we will always be happy to use them.

These are a few tips that will aid you to maximize your house cleaning experience and will hopefully put a smile on your face when you walk through the door to your clean home!  If there are extra items you would like to be included in part of your cleanings, call our office.  The cleaning crew at Clean and Simple Cleaning™ is full of hard working, caring people who want to give all of our clients with awesome customized service.  We smile when we know we have made you smile.