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Moving Tips To Make Your Move Less of a Hassle

The process of moving is a lot of work and is stressful even though the result is usually one of excitement and fun.  Based on my experience, (I have moved six times in the past 12 years) here are my top 8 Moving Tips!  Some might seem like common sense, but in the midst of a house full of boxes and a mind full of to-dos, it’s easy to overlook them.

Helpful Moving Tips

  1. Make a Plan!  Start with move date and work backward on the calendar and set goals along the way.  The plan should include all things about the move such as packing, changing address, and scheduling of appointments.
  2. Sell or donate items you don’t want.  Whether it’s Ebay worthy or garage sale ready, it should be up for sale or donated to a charity two weeks before moving day.  After all, moving cash is easier than boxes.  Make sure to have a sorting area set up during packing for donations and salable items.
  3. Color Code Rooms.  Assign each room a color and then mark each box going to that room in the same color.  Duct tape is ideal for this!  It will eliminate people continually asking you where things go on move-in day.  Make sure to make signs, marking each room with its color.
  4. Take a photo of electronic wiring.  If you are a visual person especially take a picture to see how all the components are connected, so you can make sense of all the wires again.  It seems like we all have lots of items hooked up to our TVs these days.  A quick photo might save you hours later.
  5. Make sure to pack your toiletries to avoid spillage and breakage.  Place saran wrap over containers and then put lids back on your perfume, shampoos, and the like.  Also, add a cotton ball to your powder and other compacts to avoid your makeup from breaking.
  6. Pack an overnight bag containing all the essentials.  It is likely after a long day of moving; you aren’t going to want to unpack and try to find things.  If you have kids, have them pack a backpack with their ‘essentials,’ so you don’t end up searching for one exceptional stuffed animal.
  7. Complete packing before anyone comes to help you move.  It will allow your movers (professional or not) to be more efficient.  It will alleviate some stress for you and over all just make the day run more smoothly.
  8. Pre-Clean the House!  It is always easier to clean house before you move your stuff into it.  It’s wonderfully helpful to get a deep cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen.

Of course, if you are still getting things organized and packed, call Clean & Simple Cleaning to help you with the last tip.  Our move out/ move in cleanings consist of deep cleaning the entire house including in and out of cabinetry and kitchen appliances.

We hope these Moving Tips have been helpful to you.  Please leave any other moving tips you might have picked up along the way in the comment section.

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