Paper clutter can be overwhelming to deal with, that much is true.  It is amazing in the digital world we live in how much paper comes into the average household.  The amount of mail received, the piles of paper from kid’s schools and extracurricular organizations, the paper clutter can be overwhelming.  After all, we often describe clutter as ‘postponed decisions.’

Here are a few paper clutter solutions for your home.

First, (and possibly the most critical for long-term success) set a dedicated space and time to go through the mail and school work.  Whether it is in the foyer, the kitchen or the den, make sure it is close to garbage, recycle container, family calendar, and some basic office supplies.

Secondly, make decisions immediately about most of the items.  For instance, transfer dates to calendars and recycle all notices and junk mail.   Designate a holding place for all mail or school papers that need action/attention at a later time for instance bills, field trip forms or book orders.

Lastly, have a plan to deal with the sentimental papers such as artwork, homework assignments kids are proud of and note from friends which are treasures to them.  A few exceptional pieces may make it to the refrigerator or an art wall where they can admire and show off.  Most, however, should instantly be placed in a designated bin for each child.  If it is too bulky to fit, take a picture of it.  If it is something that could stick to or ruin other papers, put it in a sheet protector first.  During the summer, then you can go through each of the boxes with your child and reminisce over their achievements throughout the past school year.  Then make decisions of what items go into their forever keepsakes and what items can now be recycled or thrown out.

These paper clutter solutions can keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the piles of paperwork in your home.

What are the ways you handle paper clutter or any clutter from building up in your house?