Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

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Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

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Our homes are not just a place of residence.  It is where we live with our family, keep our property and personal things. Additionally, it is where we base our lives from the very beginning.  However, crime rates are increasing including burglaries. So, it is important we protect ourselves by protecting your home against burglary.

Statistics show that burglars will give up and move onto the next vulnerable target if they can not gain entrance in 2 minutes or less.  Statistics also show that most burglars only need 8-12 minutes to find what they are looking for to steal.  It is a scary thought that in less than 15 minutes, all of the material things that are valuable to you could be taken from your home.

Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Burglary

Over the next few weeks, Clean and Simple Cleaning™ will be publishing additional blog posts that go into detail about each of these tips and provide you with specific action items.

1.  Do Not Advertise You Are Not Home

Most burglars will pass on a house if they believe someone might be at home.  After all, they want your stuff, not to mess around with people.

2.  Make It Hard To Gain Entrance

It all goes back to the 2-minute rule mentioned earlier.  If your house is hard to access, they will pass on it and find one with easy access.

3.  Make All Points of Entry Visible

More burglaries are happening in the middle of the day.  They clearly avoid being seen. So, get rid of hiding places at all entry points.

4.  Install Home Security Alarm System and Secure Locks (use them 100% of the time)

It does not eliminate your risk but does minimize it as it makes your house harder to enter without getting caught quickly.

5.  Know Your Neighbors

Having people look at your house and the neighborhood is one of the most efficient ways to scare off intruders and have police notified right away.

Your home should be a place to feel safe and be comfortable with your family.  Following these main precautions will hopefully protect your home against burglary and keep you feeling secure in your home.  Although, it is an excellent idea to take pictures and keep a written inventory of your valuable items that are not kept in your home.  You also want to make sure you have the right amount of insurance to cover the value of your belongings and make sure to keep your valuables secure and hidden in the least visible places in your home.

Share any other tips for protecting your home against burglary with our community in the comment section.  Look out for our follow up blog posts on this topic in the coming weeks.