Quality Cleaning Services Start with Dedicated Employees

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Quality Cleaning Services Start with Dedicated Employees

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Quality cleaning services is, without a doubt, the fruit of having dedicated employees.

Quality cleaning services is an essential factor for a company to stay in business. And achieve it, you must first take care of your own workforce. As a company that looks after their employees, claims the reward of their employees’ loyalty, hard work, and dedication.

Clean and Simple Cleaning™ works hard to support and recognize our employees, so they continually are encouraged to improve. With 2012 coming to a close a month ago, we named our Employee of the Year. This cleaning technician has been with us for many years. Moreover, this employee has a unique story about becoming part of our crew. It was nearly two years ago when this quiet, shy woman responded to our ad for house cleaning.

I rarely see the people that come into the office to apply because my office is not in the front, and often I am working with my door closed.

This particular day I remember stepping out for something to drink. She was sitting in our waiting area filling out paperwork. I can remember our operations manager thanking her for taking the time to apply but she would not be hired because she did not have a driver’s license. Well, that did not stop Yusely. She went and studied and obtained her license. So then, a few months later, she returned to see if she could work for Clean and Simple Cleaning™. Yusely impressed us with her motivation to obtain the necessary requirements and decided to proceed with our hiring process.

Just a few short weeks after starting work with our company, she had only had her license a short while and she was in an accident . As a new driver, we expected her to be rattled, which she was. However, she somehow determined to overcome her driving fears came right back to work. This kind of determination continues to demonstrate outstanding employment and helps us provide quality cleaning services.

Yusely is the one always willing to go the extra mile, make sure she satisfied her customer and also sets a great example for her co workers.

This past year a course was suggested through our national association, ARCSI, for home cleaning technician certification. This was a new exam, which offered and administered by a third party. Designed to encourage cleaning companies, The Clean Trust test was to make sure their technicians obtained a certain level of competency in the home cleaning industry. They would learn and get tested on their knowledge of cleaning, restoration, inspection techniques and customer satisfaction. Yusely impressed me again when she came to me wanting to take the course. I had taken the course just a few months before with a group of businesses across the nation in Dallas, TX. It was not an easy test. We thought she might find it difficult.  As it is because English was not her primary language. She passed! Again, determined and showing leadership while providing outstanding quality cleaning services.

It is with great honor to have such a quality individual working for our company. She was hands down the best example of employee of the year for 2012.

Thank you to all of our clients who take the time to fill out online surveys and say wonderful things about the home cleaning technicians that care for your homes. Our industry is changing and trying to stay on the forefront of professionalism offering quality cleaning services and educated technicians that care for your family home.